Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Mad M2000

And speaking of maintaining anonymity... WHERE THE HELL IS MADM2000? I've been quiet on the subject for weeks, thinking he maybe traveling or مستعسر مع رمضان but now I am truly concerned. We usually chat on MSN Messenger but I haven't seen him since his last post on his blog. I even sent him an email and checked both his MSN and Yahoo Groups sites... Nothing.

However, at some point during Ramadan... he popped up on my MSN Messenger for a couple of minutes. I sent him a message asking him where the hell he had been, and he didn't reply. BUT... suddenly his online MSN ID changed to "From Prison". I told him that was not very funny, and a sick joke. No reply...

That was the last time I saw him, and his ID on my MSN list is still "From Prison"

What do y'all think?


  1. I think MadM has annoyed many high ranked people with his drawings. He was drawing the truth, & as they say, Truth hurts! You might say I?m pessimistic but I really think something bad happened to him, or maybe someone ordered him to stop those drawings, OR ELSE!!!
    As for that msg ?in prison? well I don?t know, but a person might not be LITERALLY in prison, to be in prison! You know what I mean?

  2. And that's why anonymity sucks.
    الله يرده بالسلامة

  3. Well.. does this mean his cover was blown and his identity was exposed?

  4. Zaydoun, I knew who is MadM but I don't know him personally!!
    Believe me, in Kuwait hiding ur identity is hard!

  5. يا ساتر ، صلواتنا لصديقك أينما كان

    أما عن موضوع الهوية اعتقد أن معشر البلوغرز مختلفون عليه اختلاف المسلمين على معاوية

    بعضنا يجد ان الغموض في الهوية يجعل النقاش أسهل وبعضنا يجد أن التعبير عن آراءه الحقيقية أسهل
    والبعض الآخر لا يهتم بل يكشف عن هويته

    ولا دخل هنا لمدى اعتزاز الإنسان بنفسه، فالموضوع من وجهة نظري في إخفاء الهوية أبعد من ذلك بكثير

    هل قرأت صديقي زيدون رواية رائعة ذبت في تفاصيلها ، وانتظرت الفيلم الذي سينتج حول الرواية فكان دون مستوى طموحاتك؟

    هذا هو الفرق؟

    عند إخفاء الهوية نترك للخيال ان يكون سيد الموقف فباستطاعتك أن تتخيلني كما تشاء ، ولكن لوتم تحويلي لفيلم سينمائي
    قد لا تروق لك بعض مواقفي ، أو عائلتي أو لون عيناي، أو طريقة ملبسي أو حتى قد يكون لك موقف سلبي من إحدى صديقاتي مما يجعلني في عيناك أصبح فيلم غير ناجح لرواية أحببتها

    لذا فعن نفسي ،ففي اليوم الذي تنكشف فيه هويتي سأودعكم جميعاً بألم ، وأعبر عن آرائي بالندوات والمنتديات!!! أحسن

  6. I don't know why the blog wasn't working properly all afternoon...

    Anyway.. Bo Ghazi, even when I was chatting with Mad M2000 on MSN for months, I swear (on a stack of مصاحف) that I did not know his true identity, and was never remotely interested in finding out.

    I just hope he's OK

  7. إلى الحكيمة الإلهية والفقيهة الربانية آية الله العظمى حجة الإسلام والمسلمين والمسلمات الأحياء منهم و منهن والأموات فضيلة الشيخة الولادة بنت المستكفي

    لماذا تتركيننا في حالة إنكشاف هويتج ؟ تستطيعين أن تغيري من إسم الكنية فقط وكان الله غفورا رحيما

  8. سيد زيدون

    كلامك صحيح فبلوغك الموقر طوال اليوم كان مثل المصحف لا يمسه إلى المطهرون

    وأما عن موضوع إنكشاف الهوية فأنا مثلا دائما بودي أن أفتح المجال لكتابة الملاحظات العشوائية (إينابل أنونيموس بوستينغ) في بلوغي لكن الإخوة الركع السجود يستغلون هذه الميزة في كيل الشتائم كما حدث في بلوغ مادم عجل الله فرجه الشريف وبلوغي سابقا

  9. Zaydoun,

    Didn't MadM2000 declare his identity in a local magazine interview last summer or was that a joke? It was a feature about his controversial drawings and he announced it on his old board on MSN. Here's the link:

  10. If he was in jail, I'm sure all the newspapers in Kuwait would've reported it. As far as his MSN Messenger is concerned, do they allow computers in jail? Do they have internet cafe in jail? If he's using the internet, then it's safe to assume that he's ok, especially if he's logging in and out of MSN messenger. If he was arrested, then his website would've been pulled off the internet, don't you think? If anything did happen to him, I'm sure he would let everyone know about it and draw a cartoon about it. In any case, I hope he's doing fine.

  11. Publicity Stunt?

    Gigi, musingly

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  13. قبل فتره نشرت سؤال على الشبكه الليبراليه الكويتيه بخصوص الفنان، ولم استقبل الا رد واحد محير:

    وبالمناسبه، هل قرآ احد المقال المذكور؟ وهل من الممكن اعطاء نبذه عما تم الحديث عنه؟
    مع التمنيات بان يكون الفنان العزيز على مايرام !

  14. Can someone get arrested in Kuwait for expressing his own ideas in public? !! Never heard of that before, although I may be one of the naive ones.

    It's a disappointment if it was true though.

  15. maybe he got arrested for doing something else

  16. Have anyone thought he might be depressed? Or maybe he needs some time off? Inshallah he?s ok, he?ll collect he?s thoughts and maybe he?ll have a major come back!

  17. Do They Even Have Internet in Prison?

    And if they do, that is waaaay cool, Man!

    PSS :)

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  19. Dear Zaydoun,
    I'm sure he is fine, don't worry. I don't know the guy but I'm not a big fan of the conspiracy theory, unless it's a movie by Julia Roberts. I think he needs some time away. I don't know his real name but if the M stands for Muhammad, and the rest of the name is Ali Samadi, I found a place that defines the real meaning of "prison".
    Take a look at and go to "triangle of death" and read.
    Note: this is not to poke fun of the situation, its an attempt to divert your attention to something else.

    Yes it does happen, Dr. Ahmad Al-Baghdadi from the Political Science Dep., in KU spent some time in jail for an article he wrote about the Prophet in "Al-shallh" Magazine-that's a magazine published by the liberal students in KU-back in the 1990s. Ironically the article was not "discovered" until it was useful to some people!!! and that happened few years after it was written!
    But if they wanna hold u for questioning, that's a different story and there are no records of that. In 2000 another professor from KU was held for questioning and there were rumors of torture or "emotional abuse." He talked about the alcohol black market in Kuwait-IN CLASS-accusing someone who is really really "wa9el" or lets just say "The One" of monopolizing this market. And after few days and tons of apologies he was released. But from what I've heard from his students, he become a good boy " 7'osh walad" now.

  20. totally off-topic.... just wanted to respond to one of your comments on my blog (which i just saw)... send my regards to walid al awadhi... i was supposed to contact him when he arrived in kuwait but.... well i just got sidetracked with a lot of things.

  21. With all due respect to MadM, he?s a controversy/fame whore.
    He might be just faking this to get some attention.
    Just like that lousy ?X? campaign he did awhile ago.

  22. microsoft just entered the blog world...

  23. I hear ya, Tata. I'll admit I was dubious myself about the whole "From Prison" thing. I think what made me wonder whether it could be a publicity stunt was the fact that MadM had previously declared not once, but twice before that he had given up cartooning as a sign of protest about something or other, only to show up again once enough concern had been registered (and not when whatever he was protesting was resolved to his satisfaction). MadM has cried "wolf" one too many times, in my opinion.*

    Gigi, unconcernedly

    *If however MadM really is in some dire situation, then I wish him all the best and may he resolve the issue soon. I'm just saying I'm reserving my concern until I get some hard evidence.

    **On a slightly different note, although the idea that MadM is joining msn from prison is just plain laughable, if he *really* was in prison, it's possible that he could have given his password to a close relative to change his MSN id :P Hahaha I'm just fanning the flames, aren't I? :P Maybe I'm in cahoots with MadM? Yes, that's it... I'm his PR exec madri Publicist ;P

  24. Maybe he joined the msn through the Mchat from the prison :P

  25. Do our on-line personalities have to be consistent? cant we just disappear whenever we feel like it & reappear when it suits us? Artist do not like obligation and I appreciate that, especially in the 'Cyber' world (havent heard that since the 90s!).

  26. Sheba

    You are right,madman could be partying right now or enjoying a sex trip to Thailand ( see Bridget Jones Diaries part 2 ),or maybe he decided to stop his act, yes act,I always thought the guy/girl is fake,probably a group of fat horny girls created this character during a buffet breakfast in a bnaider Chalet ( shakhsiya wahmiya)

    Zaydoun,forgive me for saying this but your post sounds like a trailer or a preview to yet another Madman show,Reminds me of those classic comic lines Where IS Batman or Superman when we need him ,and then the super hero magically appears,and saves the world,So tell your buddy to save his/her effort,the act is getting REALLY OLD and VERY BORING!

  27. Bo Jaij,

    Something is reminding me of January 2000, if you know what i mean. Can you feel it?

  28. Sheba

    You are going to arrange New Years party for your friends too ?

    ops...its already been arranged...sorry I forgot!

  29. Bo Jaij,

    Don't be mean! You know what Jan 2000 was about! And you know what counts most to me.

  30. Hio),

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