Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I have to get this off my chest...

I am really truly jealous and green with envy of all the Kuwaiti bloggers who have managed to keep their identities completely anonymous. I think my cover is blown.. not that I really care, but still...

There! I said it!


  1. why should you care? I really don't know why people want to stay anonymous unless they are ashamed of themselves or want to do stuff they wouldn't dare do in the light of day!

    Bahrainis and Kuwaitis really have nothing to worry about, at least we (hold the laughs please) have a semblance of democracy while all the others are way behind us.

    The worry I guess is the repurcussions of the "society" when they discover or come to know that you "do not conform". If you give a damn about that, you shouldn't blog in the first place!

  2. Hey Zaydoun,

    Your blog is hot
    You get a gazillion hits a day
    You?re bound to have groupies
    Looks like a cause for celebration

    My first Hiku :P

  3. Jambino I noticed that you were getting ultra sensitive when you found your cover had been blown. I was quite suprised at your reaction and I noticed that you even deleted some of the comments, yours and the other persons, after a while! Why is that? You have nothing to be ashamed of, or was it the thing about you having a Russian wife? That was a bit insensive...

  4. Just when I was considering throwing my anonymity to the winds and taking on a "6uz" attitude like the one Sheba was advocating..!

    I'm curious though, why do you wish you could have maintained your anonymity? And have you been subject to any annoyances now that you've been recognized by some people?

    Gigi, anonymously

    P.S. If it's any comfort, I don't know who you are ;(

  5. معرفة الشخصية الحقيقية لصاحب البلوغ يوديه بداهية و خصوصا إذا تم كتب عن مواضيع ممنوعة من المناقشة

  6. What Russian wife? Are you sure you saw that on this blog?

    I have never EVER deleted a comment, not even the ones I didn't like. The ones you see deleted are duplicates that just get in the way, either deleted by me or by the authors themselves. "Wa7da" had a killer comment the other day that she deleted herself. What's up with that?

    Anyway... I'm just gonna continue as I am, consequences be damned!

  7. Btw, I just I wish I was completely anonymous because it seems like more fun

  8. Zaydoun, how about this, I knew who u were before I even checked out ur blog! LOL! I know its a special case but it still sounds cool ;P

    Anyway I agree with u, the anonymity part gives u an extra comfort cushion, like abu 7afs and aba al7akam for example, it helps when ur walking right next to the red lines. I totally know what you mean. But ur blog doesnt really have radical contraversial statements, so it ok to a certain extent, u know what I mean? This blog creates discussions, makes people think, makes people say radical contraversial statements, but thats why its so popular and thats what makes u a successful kuwaiti blog 'godfather' (kabbarnaaak zyaada bes also sounds good ;P)

    btw, Dubai kicks ass no matter what anyone says!

  9. Zaydoun I don?t think that anais meant u when he/she said Russian wife!
    شكلك ما صدقت ;)
    And I have a confession:
    I wrote something on Visas couple of weeks ago, which got deleted in a mysterious way! All of this time I thought u did it, and I wondered about u and your claim of accepting different points of views. Then and bcz I was عليميه هنا
    And still is, I thought to myself maybe (I) did it while browsing, so I let it go. It is good to know that u never ever delete anything.
    أتمنى الا اكون هذه الوحده التى قصدتها , و ان كنت استبعد ذلك لكون ال
    Post wasn?t a killer post or anything.

  10. Kuwait is too small & people know each others here. If you haven?t given away your identity with the personal information you?ve posted, chances are you will (eventually) when you post certain topics talking about some personal experiences or information.
    But, (& like the others said) why give a damn if you weren?t doing/saying anything wrong!

  11. Zaydoun, nychick is right, it wasn't your blog that I was referring to when I mentioned the Russian wife! I was referring to comments on Jambino's blog as somebody obviously blew his cover and mentioned his Russian wife, he freaked out and deleted the comments.

    And, like Gigi, I am also unaware of your identity, so not EVERYone knows who you are...although it might just be a matter of time because as Jambino quite rightly points out your blog is rather hot and as bo ghazi said Kuwait is just so so small...

  12. nychick.... It wasn't you... her name is "Wa7da" and she had a great comment on the "Internet Fatwa" post (An Enlightened Society).. then she chickened out and deleted it!

  13. Zaydoun:ليش ما تبي احد يعرف منو انت لو انا منك راح اكون فخوره بنفسي كافي انك انت اللي عرفت البلغوغنغ حق شريحه كبيرة و منهم أنا و أنا اشكرك على هالشئ و بعدين انت ما تعرفهم اهمه اشمن سكه؟..يموتون على الغبى... انا اعتقد المجهولين و اللي يعلقون كمجهولين عايشين في هويه مزدوجه فما عندهم القدره انهم يواجهون نفسهم هذا تفسيري الشخصي

  14. If what you said crossed the line and really made a difference, the people who wanted to find out who you are would find you in about 20 minutes. I agree that staying anonymous is fun in a blog, some bloggers might know who you are thats okay. what would happen if i know your name, work place, residence etc.. ? nothing :)

  15. We tend to lead double lives, some lead triple lives, only because we're a changing society, and whats acceptable in this social circle is not acceptable in that. But i think its time to ease our way out of the multiple lives, and if people do not accept this or that, its their problem not yours. I think by now, we should be selective of who we want around us. Moreover, i see the older generation born 1950-1960 (many of who were educated in Beirut, US, & Europe) are more honest about who and what they are. Perhaps its due to the fact that this generation was the last before the conception of Kuwait University?

  16. Who are u zaydon ana ll7in ma a3rfik !?

  17. well , in kuwait if it didn't slip from you it would slip from others , you can't say that you never told any of your friend about your blog , you may have talked about it somewhere , to someone , and it would spread

    the only way to stay anonymous is not to tell anyone , never link your blog to your friend , not to use your online idenity ( which alot of internet users do not want to part with )

    for example , me , there is at least 100 people who know me personaly as the poster forzaq8 , and i'm sure there would be thousand more who would know me if they checked for 5 min ( my work e-mail , or my e-mail concat i gave them )

  18. Dear Mr. Zaydoun,

    In our World today and in any line of work, i believe that u either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.
    So, entrust yourself with full confidence and go on leading the way as you have already painted us with a colourfull picture of messages to which we have all been enlightened.

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