Sunday, December 05, 2004

Marketing Bloggers

Sheba suggested we do a quick poll to see how many bloggers have jobs in marketing. So without further ado... let me start with myself.

Over to you, bloggers....


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  2. public relations I would guess..

  3. Advertising, the closest thing I got to marketing.
    Actually it's not really advertising, since I stopped working for agencies a while ago.

    So it's Graphic & Web Design.

  4. Zaydoun your titles of your playlist songs are not always right can you try to fix it? since its hard to d/l songs with wrong titles, thanx.

  5. i always admired the marketing and advertising business, if successful of course.. Advertising is what I wanted to do rather than what I feel i have to do (and am doing),

    However, i am having my own Maryam marketing campaign now ;)

  6. borashid, PR = public relations, marketing, and cotporate communication!

  7. إني اعمل في التسويق للدين الاسلامي الحنيف في شتى بقاع الارض .

    فهل يندرج هذا الموضوع تخت بند ال Marketing؟

  8. Badr, Dude that was totally unnecessary.
    I?m Aware that anti-Islamists attitude is the new cool, but being anti-Islam is not cool at all.

    So stop such silly, stupid and non-related statements and stick to the fucking subject.

  9. Thank you Zaydoun.

    Sheba is in Sales & Marketing! I hate the 2 when they're stuck together in a title, but i must say that the 2 are not confused where I work. We are a very lean company, and I do both jobs :/

    Here's a little something I loved:


    To community worldwide

    Hola, Ni Hao. Zdravstvuite, Al Salaam a' alaykum, Kia Ora!

    10 fast tracks to success:
    1. Think with your heart.
    2. Look beyond brands.
    3. Dance with Einstein.
    4. Start a family.
    5. Head to the Edge.
    6. Act Local, Go Global.
    7. Unleash Paradox.
    8. Read Shakespeare.
    9. Be an Inspirational Player.
    10.Make the World a Better Place.

    This is the recipe I gave to 350 MBA students at one of America's best business
    school last month - the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. The students loved
    Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy - three vital consumer connection points that
    terrify most B-Schools. Check out Emotion in Motion at


  10. tata botata الم يعلمك الدين الاسلامي كيف تخاطب الناس بأدب؟..

    انا لست ضد الدين الاسلامي بل انا ضد من يدعي خوفه على الدين السلامي وان يكون غيورا عليه ثم في نفس الجملة يقول stick to the fucking subject
    Maybe its the new cool to be qaleeel adab while your posting your comment to show to the bloggers how polite you are Mr islam?

  11. I will cut it right here, I'm not going into this conversation.

  12. تحاسنوا يا شباب.... ترى السالفة ما تسوى

  13. سيد بدر

    معظم مروجي الدين الإسلامي أصبحوا مليونيرية و خصوصا أعضاء اللجنة الشرعية في الشركات الإسلامية ( خالد المذكور و ربعه) فمروج الدين الإسلامي إيراده أكثر من إيراد الأطباء

  14. Do you mind me asking who here is in finance?

  15. I don't mind... (I sure as hell ain't!!)

  16. I was in finance, and thankfully escaped :)

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