Thursday, December 30, 2004

Suspense Thriller

I took one of those fun online quizzes called "What Kind of Movie Are You?". My results said I was a Suspense Thriller:
Nothing is simple. Especially you. Like your movie match, you've got lots of plot twists, and you'd like to keep it that way. That's right, you're no open book.Whether or not you actually lurk in the shadows, you do like to keep people in the dark sometimes. Mysterious and enigmatic, you keep people guessing. When they think they've got you figured out, you enjoy throwing a curve ball their way. Maybe it's the element of surprise that tickles your fancy. Perhaps it's the shock value. Or maybe you're just intensely private. In any case, you keep life intriguing and unpredictable. And that's what makes you such an interesting individual.



  1. It says I am a "Groundbreaking Documentary".

    Hmmm... Who would've thought...

    I am sure no one is interested to know what a Groundbreaking Documentary is but here's the definition anyway :)

    "If you think documentaries are boring, think again. Like your movie match, you're an intelligent individual who makes people think. Documentaries span all sorts of topics, from the trivial to the profound. Perhaps your interests do the same, but one thing's clear ? you're a smarty and you like to learn.

    We'd guess you're the person at the dinner table or the water cooler who stirs up lively debates about the latest news or tidbits from the Discovery Channel. Part of you probably gets a kick out of creating controversy and getting people fired up about their beliefs. Another part probably likes opening people's eyes and sharing your thoughts. And for that, you get two thumbs up for trying to get to the bottom of things and making waves!"

    Happy New Year Everyone!


  2. Hi Zaydoun, :)
    I got the same results. Hmmm..what do you find most annoying behavior in the theater?

  3. Jewaira.. you got Suspense Thriller too? I knew we'd click somehow! I hate people who talk during movies!

    PSS... I think you nailed it!

  4. I was shooting at "Anime & Manga" but I got "Grounbreaking Documentary".
    Doesn't that translate into "a nerdy"? :s


  5. I guess they are messing with our mind because i am suspenseful Thiriller as well

    ---->What Kind of Movie Are You?
    nooni, if you were a movie, you'd be a Suspenseful Thriller

    HehE they want to make every body happy and go buy tickets for a movie :0)

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