Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005 New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! After much thought, here are my resolutions for 2005, which I hope won't fall by the wayside as the year unfolds:
  1. NO BLOGGING AT WORK! That includes updating mine and checking others.
  2. A decent, toned body by May.. in time for summer.
  3. Read more books in my spare time.
  4. Try my best to eat less bread.
  5. No procrastinating at work.
  6. Get rid of the mountains of clutter at home.
  7. See one new country this year.
  8. Get rid of any clothes that I haven't worn in 2 years and give them to charity.
  9. Learn kite-boarding
  10. Do more outdoor activities when the weather permits.


  1. سأكمل قائمتك

    المحافظة على صلاة الجماعة في المسجد وخصوصا صلاة الفجر

    مراقبة الله تعالى في جميع التصرفات و الأفعال

    الإكثار من النوافل

    الإكثار من الإستغفار

    التسنن بسنة نبينا محمد - صلعم - واستخدام السواك في أثناء الدوام الرسمي

    عمل الحجامة مرة واحدة في الأسبوع

    قراءة المزيد من كتب عذاب القبر

  2. Zaydoun
    Except for the kite boarding, this could have been my list of resolutions. Uncanny :)

  3. أرجو الترجمة.........No procrastinating at work.
    هاي شنووووووووووووووو

  4. NEAT.. great things to break this countrys routine MR.Z..BUT why do u want to cut ur carbs there is a good pill (cut the carb) pills they are very good, or my advice as an expert in carbs , drink extra glasses of water when u eat more than 4oz. of carbs.
    i can give you the trick to do it if u want
    and if u want to build more muscles just ask i can help.

  5. Happy new year to you and your family too!

  6. Happy New Year and I hope you'll get all your resolutions for 2005.
    My favorite one was 2 see a new country, I think it's a great idea to make it a yearly plan to discover a new place.
    good luck with kite-boarding :)

  7. "A decent, toned body by May.. in time for summer" I must do that by spending less time on blogging and happy new year :-)

  8. Procrastinate:
    1. To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness
    2. To postpone or delay needlessly

  9. Zaydoun
    Now, are you blogging from work? :) One resolution broken already!

  10. Good resolutions but I think this year they sld be 11
    11- fitghing for a real new year party next year regardless of mr abu alhasan and the garbage he minds

  11. I loved your 8th resulotion..can i borrow it

  12. Happy New Year Zaydoun!

    Loved your resolutions.

    NOON, whats this magic anti-carb pill?? I MUST HAVE IT!

    Jwaira, hehe!

  13. Today will go down in history as the "PUSH BUTTON DAY",
    elle yesma3 eygool eljma3a ga3deen 3ala NUKES! :)

    Mabrook 3alykom ras elsanah oo elmeetain :P

    As for the resolutions presented by Z I think its a mere dream, masema3t el Everly Brothers yoom yg9edoon?! "Dream, dream dream dream, Dream dream dreamaaaaaaaaaaaam"

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  15. It's really nice to see a q80 man planning for his coming year . We can hardly find poeple like you these days . You've issued really strict resolustions .. God helps you to fulfill them all >>> but what I like most are no.:3,5,and 8 . Wishing to marry a guy with such a great mentality ;) not because of these only , but also because of most of ur blogging .

  16. Resolution number 1 doesn't seem so bad, but after hearing a peice of news on CNN, I'm not so sure if you want to keep not blogging at work. Abulhassan just resigned. Check out my blog. I found out about it on CNN of all places. Happy New Year. The Dawn of a New Ziggan Era - fanatics taking over, get your pif-paf spray ready, anytime you see a bearded fanatic, spray him with pif-paf.

  17. tattas, is that a proposal to Zaydoun?

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  19. Jewaira.. I was still at home when I posted that. One more resolution: Get to work on time!

    Noon.. its just bread that I want to cut back on, and I don't mean sandwiches. Just those useless and needlessly filling bread rolls in restaurants! Otherwise, life without carbs is my definition of hell!

    Tatta.. thank you

    Nano.. borrow them all

  20. وزير الاعلام استقال

  21. Ma Baqah.

    Fargah Happy New Year :)

    PSS :)

  22. Dear Sheba .. As u can see it's a wish rather than a proposal .. if I would like to propose I would have done it easily as we are free to say whatever we like here :)


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