Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Iraqi Elections

Back from the break, more on that later... but in the meantime, enjoy this from The Onion, even though it's not really a laughing matter with all the bloodshed that's taking place...


  1. Zaydoun,
    Welcome back
    مكانك خالي

    وتحية مسبقة لكل عراقي يتوجه لصندوق الاقتراع

  2. Zaydoun
    visit jewaira , last post, then give us some details of your trip ...
    hope u enjoyed trippin :)

    yea yea

  3. 7amdilla 3ala ilsalaama zaydoun! Welcome back o hope u had fun :)

    I really laughed out loud when I read this! Especially the League of Surviving Voters and the lightening the mood parts! LOL! misakeen walla, but its funny!

  4. hey Mr.Zz welcome back hope you had a great holiday as i did, i can't wait to know more about the iraqi elections i really can't wait,i hope the bloody country will stop and reaches its end of being bloody arab need some peace.
    man what happened to your 2005 resolution?

  5. *@@*nooni... I just got in this morning, give me a break :-P

  6. :) Nazzal,
    Don't you yea yea me

    Go back to London, pick up what's in the fridge then come back..
    Your ticket's on me.

  7. نزال

    I went to Jewaira and commented on the "cat sex', but I can't see why you wanted me to go to that post in particlular..

    Shurouq... I was planning Raclette for dinner tonight :"-(

  8. zaydoun
    i thought after reading her latest , it would put u in mood , to sex up your trip details .......... :)

    well.....well..well :)
    i always like your well put thoughts
    am your absolute (as in vodka) admirer :))

  9. Hmm... Yummy... Raclette..

    Welcome Back Z.!

    malayt w Ana asawee refresh on your blog and no new posts...

    PSS :)


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