Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My Beautiful Break

The expression "pure as the driven snow" doesn't apply to much in our lives these days, certainly not mine... So I decided on a last minute solo trip to the French Alps to clear my head and figure out where my life is headed. I can't say I came back a better man, but it was great to get away from the constant buzzing of noise around me. I didn't check my email, didn't see any blogs, barely spoke to my family and only just to wish them a happy Eid (actually they called while I was on the ski lift!)

It was a very simple resort, not one of the glitzier famous ones that people name-drop every winter. I did that last year, and I'm still feeling the effects on my bank account. This picture you see here was taken on my mobile phone on my way down a particularly nice slope through the woods in the afternoon. I had to stop and take a snapshot.

I skied all day, relaxed in the evenings with all the best that France has to offer (use your imagination there) and slept early-ish from sheer exhaustion, but of the good kind.

Have you ever taken a trip by yourself just for the hell of it? It's great for the mind and the soul.


  1. Bienvenido guapo z, glad to hear that you had fun..;)


  2. Does spending one extra night on my own in a hotel room in London twice, this fall and last spring, count? My friends left on an earlier flight and I had to stay an extra day.It was aweful,I felt so alone and so pathetic I night could do this to me.
    I can be annoyed by people when I'm surrounded by them, and I can't bear to be completely cut off from them. Classic Love-Hate relationship I guess.....

  3. Samy... being alone by choice for just a few days is great. But when it's not by choice it can be terrible!

  4. samy... i just realized.. you were in London? Why didn't you just go out? Catch a movie at least?

  5. Dear Mr. "Z":
    Whenever I go on leave, I always do it alone ? its one of the virtues of being a bachelor, plus it?s the enlightened way to discover this planet; also very refreshing since I have only myself to blame if I don?t enjoy any aspect of it ? that happens very rarely, though!

    Besides, I have a somewhat unusual interest that compels me to visit places on Earth that might not be of interest to others, on inappropriate times of the year.

    So, traveling alone and light, sign me up ;-)

  6. Where in France is this resort Z? And yes I have traveled many times alone, its fine for a few days, but for a long vacation! I'd say only in NYC, coz in this city you're never alone. Glad you enjoyed your solitude and welcome back.

  7. It sounds really interesting ,3alaik bel 3afyah and welcome back .. but you know .. girls like me can't travel alone .. so , you guys are really lucky ..:)

  8. My last trip alone was to Florence/Italy 2002.. and yes..It was great.

    And check Mahmood's Den for the missing connection :)

  9. I am really HAPPY for you Mr.Zz really glad that you enjoyed your trip .

    I had the opportonity once to travel to canada in winter time and it was amazingly snowing ... i really enjoyed having a time of my own away from everything that i am used to . i really indeed learned alot about my self and i did drow my futur outline from a 10 day trip.

    Because of my great experience in that trip i am really glad you had one and actually enjoyed it Zz.

  10. Hey zaydoun, sounds like you had a great time, i went to sweden last year for a week alone then met my friends its nice except i cant speak swedish but the city (malmo) was so full of iraqis that i got around speaking arabic. This summer i also went for two weeks before my friends to egypt i just love it there its awesome i love going on holiday alone depends where u can have plenty of fun without friends sometimes lol.

  11. Welcome back Z, je vois que tu t'es bien amuse hein? ;)..well nice photo thanks. As for me since the tender age of 16 I've had at least one week of vacation alone, some I'm kinda' used to that and need my annual dose of time alone. In fact for some of the years during the US sanctions when this was impossible you could positively hear me scaffing ( is that English?) in the 'stables' 2002 it was sharm el-sheikh, 2003 Beirut and another break in Malta..this year I'm planning to go to Spain inshallah in April..and maybe Sweden in June..let's see how it goes..

  12. If u go to sweden u should go to malmo its great, is that where u went noora? . When i was young my parents used to send us alone tolondon or something to stay with family to learn english so im used to going alone places i went to egypt and Sharjah alone last year, its great lol

  13. Rabab, it was a very ordinary resort called Les Arcs, but the slopes were incredible... I was only there from Wednesday to Saturday.

    Anti_Reason... my list of places I want to see is too long to mention here, but Napa Valley and the Pacific Coastal Highway is a priority

  14. thanks puss in boots..

    Z, sorry for this out of subject comment, but I recall your post about Arab aid to the Tsunami victims I found something which you surely please you all

    "Arab 'wealth' is nothing but a lie; as the average of the individual's income in the principle industrial countries exceeds that of the Arab oil-producing countries, and the Arab country that has a higher individual's income, has a very small population, compared to the tens and hundreds of millions in the industrial countries.

    Figures do not lie. The U.S. donated $350 million, or $1.2 per citizen; whereas Kuwait donated $100 million, which means $44 for every citizen (40 times or 4,000% more than the American citizen), while Qatar donated $25 million, which means $30 per citizen (2,600% more than the American). I cannot calculate the aids given by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as they increase on a daily basis. Last week, they were $30 million given by the Saudi government, and $101 million by the Saudi people, and $20 million by the UAE."
    here is the full link :

  15. Welcome back Zaydoun
    and glad you enjoyed your break. Time alone is vital for re-connecting with one's self. I hope the effect lasts long enough though :)

  16. 7emdallah 3ala alsalama Zaydoun, it seems like it was very peaceful and I wanna say the best what France had to offer is a good glass of wine with some cheese (yummy)
    I do enjoy taking trips alone, I did it once in London and twice to Vegas...but e7im what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;)

    highlander: good to know, thanks for the info :)

  17. I have yet to visit two continents: Antarctica and Africa! Waiting for an appropriate event to visit the latter, as for the former, emmm, a cruise maybe or probably I have to join a scientific mission???

    The western coast of North America is a fascinating choice. The USofA is a great place for tourism, after all if you take 1- vacation a year and dedicate it to visiting just one US state, after 50 years you?ll need to look for someplace else. Many of my US friends remark that they have yet to visit a foreign country since they spend every vacation visiting a US holiday destination. Some celebrities on TV have made similar claims!

  18. Lovely photo! There's no more beautiful snow than the snow in the trees on the Alps in the winter time. Gorgeous and peaceful!

  19. Zaydoun, can i have some the best of what France has to offer? pretty plz with a chocolate covered cherry on top ;P

  20. Zaydoon,

    On both occasions, I spent the entire day- morning, afternoon, and early evening- walking all over London, shopping, checking out art galleries, any and all book stores. I can do all that, it keeps me busy and I forget about being alone. Watching a movie in a huge theatre with no one sitting next to me.....umm no..wasn't gonna do that. Besides I love watching English television.....

  21. Q... As I told Shurouq on her blog, I bought some cheese and then forgot it in the fridge. As for the wine, I would sooner smash it on the ground at the airport than hand it over to the customs goons... A Saudi friend actually did that once, right here in Kuwait Airport!

  22. HI Zaydoun,
    Happy to hear u r well n had a great holiday, My holidaying was in Kuwait and it was quite relaxing than expected.Working for a private company and having holiday for 3 days in a strech was blizzzzzz...

  23. Aaaaaah ya Jewaira... if only you knew what drove me to take off like this

  24. يابختك ياعم.
    و الله أنها امنية من امنياتي المستحيلة( على ما اعتقد) أن آخذ إجازة مع نفسي....و لنفسي.
    برافو زيدووووون.

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