Thursday, January 27, 2005

Le Playlist Janvier 27 - Fevrier 2

Continuing le theme Francais... I was blown away last Saturday night when I caught France's NRJ Music Awards broadcast live on TV (TF1) . This is France's answer to the Grammys, Brits, MTV Awards and others, hosted by Frances' premier music station. I swear it was the best music awards show I had ever seen. It was incredibly well-produced, so fast moving, with very few commercial breaks and packed with one killer performance after the other, not to mention the great stage set at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

While the show had its fair share of English-speaking performers such as the dynamic Usher, the gorgeous Jennnifer Lopez (but what a lame song!), the sublime Alicia Keys (who I want to marry) and others... it was the quality of the French performances that was the real surprise. I've always been skeptical of French musicians, and once even suggested a UN resolution banning all French people from singing. This was back when all they had to offer were cheesy Vegas-style "artistes" like Johnny Halliday, Dalida, Sylvie Vartan, Sacha Distel, Mireille Mathieu and others too awful to mention here. This time the new breed of artists simply ROCKED!!

There's a compilation CD produced by NRJ with all the nominees on it but I couldn't find it at Geneva airport. I foolishly went to Virgin at Marina Mall today in the hopes of finding at least ONE of the songs I wanted, but all they had were the same awful performers I just listed.

But here are my French recommendations from the show anyway. Find them online if you must:
  1. Jenifer - Ma Revolution: Think France's answer to Avril Lavigne or Alanis Morissette. This song just begs for an English version.
  2. Calogero (avec Passi) - Face a la Mer: A great rock song, with rapped verses and a killer chorus.
  3. Corneille - Parce qu'on vient de loin: Classy, soulful French R&B... Who knew?
  4. K-Maro - Femme Like You: At first I squirmed when this hip-hop wannabe came onstage, but the performance - complete with the sexiest dancers ever - was just stunning. Turns out he's originally Lebanese too!
  5. Leslie & Amine - Sobri: R&B and Rai (Rai n B?), an unholy alliance.. and that's why it works!


  1. and I thought he was Algerian, ugly nose.

  2. The show was awesome did you see this clip of christina aguilera
    i kinda think jlo has lost her appeal lol everyone has there own opinion i guess alicia keys however lesa 7elew

  3. @@ And I thought that he was algerian aussi purg..!! is He really Lebanese?! Hmmm agradable selecta Z... ;)



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