Saturday, January 15, 2005

Playlist January 15-21

They don't call them the "January Blues" for nothing... Feeling a bit blue myself, though I'll spare you the melancholy details. Anyway, here's what caught my attention for this week:
  1. Lighthouse Family - Goodbye Heartbreak: This one somehow picked me up from my foul mood yesterday. Read the lyrics.
  2. Jennifer Holliday - Givin' Up: A sad soul/blues classic that appeared on the drive home as if my iPod was reading my mood!
  3. Stoney - Constantly Running: Amazing fresh rock track from newcomer Stoney; it sounds like it's been around forever.
  4. Michael Lord - Smile: Another newcomer with a big pop sound. The whole album is pretty good too.
  5. Amy Winehouse - Frank: Overlooked in my Best of 2004 list, imagine a foul-mouthed Billie Holliday with a hiphop beat. In reality she's a Jewish girl from north London, and any girl who can sing a song called "F**k Me Pumps" is OK with me!


  1. Yeeey.. Winehouse finally makes it to your list

  2. I've had it for a long time, but misplaced it and forgot it in my 2004 rundown.

    It's on the iPod now!

  3. may I humbly recommend 2 albums
    1- Paris under groove
    2- richest man in babylon by theirvery corporation

    and if ur into indie or mellow rock, I would recommend the o.c's sountracks (seasons one and two)

    oh yes, the soundtrack of nip/tuck too

  4. You have great taste; did you know that "Smile" was selected as the iTunes FREE Single of the Week for this week (Feb. 22 - 28)?


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