Tuesday, February 01, 2005


بالإضافة إلى تسليم التلفزيون لبرامج الحكم والمواعظ، نجد أن بعض مقدمي هذه البرامج لهم الكثير من المواقف المثيرة للتساؤل، وبالأخص مقدم برنامج مكارم الأخلاق


  1. I think the whole idea of having religious programming on KTV is to convince the Islamist parties that we, too, are Muslim and we, too, practice the teachings of our faith. This is why the Dean of College of Sharia speaks on the Government?s TV and writes in the papers as its religious representative.

    Here?s a thought? Why does the Government need a religious representative? Why do we need to prove our ?Islam-ness?? Simply (albeit crudely) put, why the fuck does the Government care what the Islamists think of it? IT HAS THE EXECUTIVE POWER, not them. This exaggerated appeasement of the religious powers-that-be was a show of the Government?s weakness, from which we, the Kuwaiti people, are suffering the bloody consequences. They kneeled to these extremists so much that they are now finding it hard to rise up and strike. While I support and stand fully behind the Government?s efforts to eradicate these murderers, I can?t help but think ?This is all your fault!?

  2. القهر انه امس في التلفزيون في الاخبار قابلوا القطان و قاعد يتكلم حجي فاضي بس اللي فهمته من كلامه يقول انه المسلم حرام يقتل المسلم فهل يعني كلامه انه حلال يقتل الغير مسلم
    و بعدين طلع كتاب و قعد يمدح الكتاب و فوق هذا قال يجب ان يدرس هذا الكتاب في المدارس
    ليش ما يقابلون شخصية وطنية تتكلم عن الاحداث بواقعية مو يقابلون شخص يتكلم عن الدين
    لازم يبينون انه هذي الاشياء ارهاب و غلط من عدة نواحي اخلاقية و الدولة فيها قوانين مو من ناحية دينية فرضا واحد
    من المتدينين اللي قابلوهم في التلفزيون طلع فتوى بعد سنة قال هذي الشغلات مو غلط شنو راح يكون موقف الحكومة وقتها

  3. Speaking of governmental propaganda, please read the following excerpt from Jamal Al-Kandari's column in Al-Watan newspaper. My Arabic is not the best, so would someone tell me if the author is being sarcastic or serious?!

    نعود الى انتصارنا الداخلي الذي تحقق بفضل الله وكرمه الدائمين على الكويت لانها بلد خير وعطاء ثم بجهود رجال الامن الاوفياء والمخلصين وفي مقدمتهم شجعان امن الدولة بقيادة اللواء عبدالله الفارس ومديرها العام القائد الميداني المخضرم الشيخ عذبي الفهد الذي لم تذق عيناه طعم النوم منذ اندلاع المواجهات وحتى اجتثاثه لبؤر الارهابيين، وتتبعه لهم في كل مناطق الكويت اينما رحلوا وحلوا، مستفيدا من تاريخه العسكري، وتجربته القاسية مع الغزاة العراقيين وقيادته للمقاومة وانتهاء بعملية تحرير العراق ومساندته لمشايخ العشائر، واليوم ينجح في اول واصعب مواجهة له مع المتطرفين الذين خسروا انفسهم ودنياهم ودينهم، ويتضاعف انجازه ورجاله رجال امن الدولة بانقاذه البلد من الجريمة قبل وقوعها

  4. Memo to Mr. Jamal AlKandari
    Dear Mr. AlKandari, please remove ur head from 3athby's ass, and thank you.

  5. aaaaaaaaaaakh! wallaaaa sa7 ilsaaanik yaaa د. حمد بن إبراهيم العثمان

    ashwa inna this is a person from their side exposing the corruption, deception, and lies that they keep throwing at us on a daily basis!

    If you havent read the link in the post, PLEASE DO!

  6. ومتى مداه يتخضرم عذبي؟ وشنو اللي خضرمه؟

  7. على طاري عذبي، شخبار أخوة الفارس المغوار وزير الطاقة؟ ليش ما خذى التفق و داهم بيت الإرهابيين في القرين؟ و إلا السالفة صارت جد هالمرة.

  8. توني شفت إستفتاء على هالموضوع في الشبكة الليبرالية الكويتية


  9. Just in case no one is reading the last post's comment section I have a question which I'll restate here again:

    "Hi Zaydoun, I've been reading all the comments here and there something which I don't understand, who are these people who were given nationality? I seem to recall that Kuwait has a hang up on granting Kuwaiti nationalities even to the 'Bedoun' people who have at least traditionally been living there? Please excuse my ignorance, I tried looking up the subject but always came up that it was Kuwaiti Islamic militants who carried out the attacks(obviously because they have a Kuwaiti jnssiyah) so can you please give me a briefing on this tajniss thingy ?" Thank you

  10. highlander... the nationality issue is a very thorny subject here in Kuwait. While it's true that it isn't given very easily even to people who were born and worked and lived here all their lives - God only knows what's so special about it - the comments on this blog refer to the thousands of Bedouin/Saudi/Whatever who were literally moved en masse into Kuwait in the early 70s and given first class citizenships right away. The goal at the time was to distort the demographics of Kuwait and breed a populace that would be more "loyal" to the rulers, whatever that means. Well that "loyalty" has turned around and bit them in the ass!

  11. Zaydoun couldn't have said it better. Instead of giving citizenship to educated professionals; doctors, lawyers, engineers or people who have lived here their whole lives they instead gave it to anyone who pitched a tent in the desert. By the way, these are the people that always bitch and whine about raising government salaries from jobs in which they do nothing, and these are the people the elect your islamic scum to parliament. They're a plague that breed like rabbits, take everything they can from this country and give nothing in return... for the most part!

  12. Thanks Zaydoun, it's good that you explained that because I was imagining that nationality was given to some Hindis and Pakistanis, not to Arabs. I think that in the old times, many of these Beduins, Saudis etc..probably thought that it was there homeland too? Or was it just a purely political ploy? On the otherhand the Kuwaiti and Libyan society seem to have a lot in common, we can never forgive anyone who is 100% pure it seems. In Libya we still call those Libyans ( or their descendants) who having emigrated to more prosperous countries back in the days before oil was discovered and who later returned, by the derisive name of 3ae'dun, many were granted back their Libyan nationality but others not. Still if a a3e'dun asks you for marriage you would think twice. Otherwise Libya does not grant nationality to anyone, unless to a female spouse, on request and the procedure is quite lenghty. There has been exceptional cases of foreigners granted honorary nationality though ;).
    We here think that 3ae'dun Libyans are less loyal than the '100%' thing. I still can't figure how and why is this idea so prevalent.
    3ae'dun = عائدون

  13. zaydoun
    this is for everybody to read


  14. Highlander... we don't have a عائدون issue here, but the rest of your comment pretty much sums up the the situation in Kuwait. Citizenships are easily given to female spouses (after a lengthy process as well), but God help the non-Kuwaiti husband of a Kuwaiti woman.

    As for 100% loyalty, I think that is very hard - if not impossible - to measure in anyone


    I couldn't open the page from Al-Qabas. What is it?

  15. ***Sorry this is off Topic, I need your Help!! ***
    I am not able to comment on this discussion because I don't speak / read the language however I am supremely interested in making contact with the afore mentioned individual, Mr. Jamal Alkandari. If he is a doctor, I had known him from my time and service with the U.S. Marines during the Gulf War of 1991. I and others from our unit have been trying to locate him for years as we called him a close friend for his help to our unit during the conflict to oust the Iraqi regime from Kuwait. I live in the state Minnesota, U.S.A. If anyone could get my contact information to him, I would be very appreciative indeed.

    Staff Sargeant Jeff Baxter
    USMC Military Police

    011 218 969-4009


    3838 4th ave. East
    Hibbing, MN 55746

    Thank you for any assistance, keep up the debate and comments in your discussion.

    William Jeffrey Baxter


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