Tuesday, February 22, 2005

!!حط حيلهم بينهم


  1. LOL! I absolutely loved the pictures and the full page coverage in AlQabas!!
    But it also scared me to see that high proportion of bearded people as our teachers!

  2. Z
    Amen, wi dayem inshallah
    Have you ever been to this society?
    I advise you not to, otherwise you?ll have indigestion.

  3. صح لسانك يا زيدون

    عساهم بهالحال وأردى

  4. I would have given each person attending the meeting a choice of weapons.

    A torn Mecca Cola Can

    A sharp pointy Meswaak stick

    A quick dry cement to turn thier beards into concrete to match thier brains

    A rolled poster of Bin laden dipped in low grade Yemeni Honey

    High heels women shoes ( for actual use )

    Just one...one virgin and she is a shemale with a blackbelt in Thai boxing

    Industry sized Duwwa in the middle of the hall ...ops!

  5. LOOOOL!! bo_jaij, abeeek tanzil intikhabaathum plzz!

  6. Bojaij..
    Im impressed your humor made me snort coffee out of my nose infront of 4 co workers...thanks!


  7. no comment bo-jaij said it all

  8. Q... I saw the pictures but I was too lazy to scan them, the website didn't have any.... Speaking of websites, don't you all agree that Al-Qabas's website is really terrible?

    Anyway, now you know how kids grow up to become terrorists.. with these clowns as teachers!!

  9. Folks, with teachers like these, I have two words for you: PRIVATE SCHOOL!

    Al-shakwa lallah wa almishtaka leh :-(

  10. Zaydoun,
    The pictures are available online provided you download the whole page as PDF ? the article is on page 15.

    And yes, Al-Qabas has a terrible website ? I can?t even see the left column of ?clickables? on a Mac >:-(

    As for the abysmal behavior by those so-called-teachers, well we?ve already seen similar incidents at election campaigns in Kuwait University, CoOps, sport clubs, ? Guess who was involved in such brawls? Yep, them people!

  11. الظاهر مأثره عليهم سالفة تغيير المناهج


  12. عسى اللة انشالللة يلم شملهم على كتابة وسنة نبية...عسى ربي يحفظ الكويت بصلاة كل مصلي ومسمي...يا اخي ان غلط شخص او اثنين مع يعني غلط الكل والجميع..ما في توجة واحد بالكويت او اعالم كلة صح امية بالامية..بدل لا تدعي عليهم ادعي اللة يصلح حالهم وحال الكثير الضايعين اللي يظنون اي شي في دين اهو تخلف!!!...ترا ما حفظ هالديرة الا الناس اللي عارفة ربها..واذا كنت ضد شخص او اشخاص ما يبرر لك انك تدعي عليهم!! ااذا مو عشان نفسك ..على الاقل عشان الكويت
    اللة يسامحك :(

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