Monday, February 21, 2005

Read This and Weep!

Thanks to Sarah for sending the link to this article about Qatar becoming a world-class destination for higher education.

I'm happy for Qatar - I swear I am! - but I want to cry over the downward spiral into darkness and ignorance that Kuwait is plunging itself into...

آآآه يا القهر


  1. 3afyah 3alaihom walah!

    I think it's to do with someone called Al-Sheikha Mouza - a caring member of the royal family.

    They're having a variety of educational school systems (mostly high school) being tried too. They're up for a change.

    Waiting for this reformation to take place in Kuwait.

  2. Don't hold your breath... even our new "private" universities have been knee-capped by the forces of darkness, and forced to segregate.. not to mention the make-shift campuses which may look pleasant on the surface, but are not really fit for "world-class" universities.

  3. It's been said, Qatar is the new Dubai.
    And yes, I'm weeping.

  4. Zaydoun,
    You know why Qatar has the Weill Cornell Medical College, and we have zilch? I?s say the main reason is because our society has choosen to believe in the paranormal, junk and pseudo-sciences.

    Swindlers peddling "3asal el-3owayed" and charlatans like Saleh el-Nahham who continue to interpret dreams and fill the minds of the week with mumbo-jumbo crap about witchcraft, and we want to evolve in the educational sector?

    Now, who encouraged such beliefs, and why? Whoever has the courage to debunk those frauds will be accused of apostasy.

    The sad fact is, our society is dancing on its future grave; for we have entered a new age of "Jaheleyah"!

  5. What about American University of Kuwait?

    I thought they were building a fancy new campus, no?

  6. Downward Spiral is a cool album.


  7. khal man3 al ekhtela6 yefedna!!huh

  8. praktike... AUK campus is actually not bad, but it's of a standard that I always hoped for our HIGH SCHOOLS

  9. Qatar, not only does it start with a Q, but it also QiQ's Q8's ass!! e7im...sorry about that, thats the Q in me trying to reach out!

    But in all seriousness, we are in the dark ages for our country!

    We have the money, we have capabilities, but unfortunately, we dont have a visionary dictatorship like Dubai or Qatar! More importantly, the people who matter in the country are too preoccupied with the recent surge of money, and the rest of us sheep are way too preoccupied with religious issues!

    Education is waay low in the priorities.

  10. Zaydoun, I think praktike is talking about the new one in Shdadiya?

  11. Q.. praktike means the AUK in Salmiya. Shdadiya just had its ground breaking ceremony yesterday

  12. This is the product of women sharing in politics, I do not weep, I only raise my hat for Qatar and hope that one day we move along.

  13. Big Z
    Aba Al-7akham has resumed course ;)

  14. rabab.. i saw this morning. way too long to finish in one sitting ;-)

  15. "praktike means the AUK in Salmiya. Shdadiya just had its ground breaking ceremony yesterday"

    Oh, I forgot that there were 2 of them.

    There was an article in the DailyStar about the one in Salmiya. It's not all it's cracked up to be, huh?

  16. المدينة الجامعية في قطر تم بدعم موزه المسند زوجه امير قطر و هي اللي ودها تسوي قطر كويت الستينات و السبعينات كونها عاشت هالفتره في الكويت

    و اللي عندنا يبون الكويت ترد "مليون" سنة ورا و يا ريت لو يسمون الجامعة اليديدة جامعة "كويتستان"


  17. Bo-Slaiman
    El-Shadadiya (as being forcefully polled back to the dark ages) is more suitable as a name to this supposedly higher education center. And I would suggest a logo of a cave man pulling a female by her hair while walking in a huge cave reading the 100 commandment made of a block of a stone. ( any artist in the house) :)

  18. Zaydoun, I love this so much, you are restoring my faith that there are Kuwaitis who CARE and wont STAND FOR their country's spiral into sick ignorant ridiculousness.
    And BTW, most Qatari's I have met and am related to are quite intellectual, highly educated (both men and WOMEN!!!) even when they are very conservative and religious. Sheikha Mouza is a fascinating woman who has had my respect since she first started her work. It seems like we are just running around pretending to catch up with Dubai and Qatar. I absolutely agree with anti-reason's comment about how we are descending into "jaheleeya". Is it hopeless? No, but we are in a very strange and dark time here in Kuwait and its across the board-politically, socially, academically, RELIGIOUSLY.

  19. Suvai... as opposed to a non-caring member of the royal family, like the shining examples we have here?

    I just read your comment again and realized that I missed that potent sentence... which I hope was intentional ;-)

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