Monday, February 21, 2005

Blogger Horror!

Bloggers... whatever you do, please don't let your blogs turn into this


  1. Hehehe, "HTML-o-scope"!
    For a B-movie junkie like me this is priceless :-D

  2. Hahaha Priceless!

    The sad thing is that I'm just like that woman in the picture, only worse! Cuz I actually do have better stuff to do!

    Gigi, compulsively

  3. But speaking as a quasi-serious blogger myself, don't you think that there tends to be too much pressure on us poor old bloggers to produce something consistantly fabulous?

    After all, it's just a hobby isn't it?

    Gigi, complacently

  4. Not at all Gigi... I think this is just a spoof, making fun of all us bloggers who seem to think the world revolves around our blogs ;-)

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