Sunday, February 06, 2005


Nano sent me this the other day.... I have no idea what it means


  1. I followed that link mentioned by Purgatory; sounds too complicated to me.

  2. Err.. :S
    Not sure what it means either, but I sure enjoyed the charts.
    Madri laish.

  3. Jewaira, I posted that link because I was confused about two things

    1) if people read my old blog after reading Zaydoun, that would be interesting, especially since I never was listed on his blog, but maybe for some odd reason, they read his then came to me

    2) Zaydoun used to be my number one reader, which also confusing.

    and of course I could never understand business and charts, so the whole thing is above my level of intelligence.

  4. Purg.. I was counting on you to clarify it for us!

  5. I guess we need someone who works in stock markets to explain it all.

  6. {{BlogShares is a fantasy stock market for weblogs. Players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by incoming links.}}

    So its baisically a (link) stock market, tells you your blog's market share & stock price in terms of links (incomming & outgoing) instead of money being Bought & Sold (exchanged in the stock market that is)

    thats pretty much a tiny thought i had about it am not sure if am 100% right BUT at least i think i got 70% of it since am still thinking of the logic the prices are based on.. its fun :D instead of money its people (links not ip'es actually) who define how valuable ur blog is on the market.


  7. Purg its quite simple (that is if i was right ;p, but this is how i understood it) lets take the real numbers:

    Z's total outgoing are =35
    Purgatory's total incoming= 5
    So that means that Zaydoun has 7 times as much as people who come to your blog form DIFFERENT URLs.. hence the number of people who come to your blog is 1/7 of the ppl who visite him y3ni its not so confusing :} so who fill your stats coming from zaydouns blog are only a small portion of his visitors y3ni it could be generate by him!

    **by PURE HYPOTHTICAL numbers based on actual numbers

    Purgatory72:visitors = 10
    incomming = 5
    outgoing = 5

    Analysis for incoming visitors =5
    3 comming from Z's blog
    1 from blog x
    1 from blog y

    .`. the most visitors who come to your blog are from Zaydoun's blog, since your visitors number COMPARES to z's is less so 3 visites make a majority in 5

    outgoing visitors =5
    so 5 ppl go from ur blog to different urls since its not so important to illustrate in detail so i will move on to Zaydouns numbers & indications..

    Zaydoun:visitors= 70
    incoming= 35
    outgoing= 35

    Outgoing visitors= 35
    7 to url X
    7 to url Y
    7 to url z
    7 to Purg's blog
    7 to url w

    .`. the most visitors who come out of Z's blog go to different urls & 1/7 of them (7 which makes a big deal to the number of visitors purg. has) goes to purgatory's blog which in return makes a big chunk of purgatory's visitors

    so its about the big proportion of visitors Z has compared to you :).. Now the only point that I could not get is HOW did you get so much visitors via zaydoun's blog ALTHOUGH ur not listed on his links bar :} maybe

    1- you make a lot of people curious about you
    2- Zaydoun pays a regular visite to your blog :D
    3- a person that could be a regular visitor for you & Z's blog can have Z listed 1st on his "to be visited dailly urls" then ur address comes after?!

  8. Q8CG, your long explanation lead to the same hypothesis, hence, still not sure which one is true :)

  9. wait but what dies 500,000 B$ valuation stand for??
    ya3ny zeez worth 500thousand dollars!!!! no way

  10. haven't visited the site, but i'm guessing it's the same concept as those celebrity stock markets....apparently making fake money is fun

  11. :)
    I got hooked to blogshares for an entire week before I went to Lebanon.
    It's a game. It's as if your buying and selling stock. What determines what your blog is worth is the incoming and outgoing links you have.
    When you register you get $500 (blogshares dollars... its like monopoly money). You then decide on which blogs you want to invest in. It's always smart to start buying for cheap and sell when it reaches it peak or when it's declining. For example, I had bought all the public shares of and I made so much money from it, when jackie shifter to i sold all my shares before they would start declining. You are also awarded chips for being active on blogshares, or for partcipating in the forum. you can sell these chips... each chip is worth 25 million. You do the maths. Once you have money you can start investing in industries. On blogshares industries are types of blogs... like war blog, humor, mid east, journal, etc.
    this all might sound complicated, it did when i started, but the more advanced you become in the game the more sense it starts to make.

  12. Thanks Rampurple... I guess it's just one more distraction at work!

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