Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I Know What You Did Last Summer...

.... and this summer and next summer too, if you're like most Kuwaitis... But I'd like to think that Bloggers are a bit more "original" and forward-thinking in their vacationing habits.

So what are your travel plans for this summer, if any? (Great article, by the way)

Top prize for originality!


  1. I'm goin', goin'.. back, back.. to Cali, Cali..

    Except in December, since I don't get the summer off.

    Not original, I know, but do I get points for singing it?


  2. I haven?t had a summer vacation for the past 5 years. My summers were spent going back to Kuwait. This summer, no Kuwait for me. Will spend it in Europe, not on vacation though.

  3. بروح لندن و باقعد بأجوار رود و آكل شاورما و اروح أشيش كل يوم

    seriously, im confused, still no plans and Im desperate for something different...

    I have a couple of friends who went to Iceland last summer, they said it was amazing, maybe they can win the prize?

  4. Im gonna bum in the states, and ill be going up to montreal canada to visit my best friend. Im making sure I don't miss a concert, and a single act at comedy week in montreal. NYC baby, just for a weekend though. And go visit our campus, and see whats changed in the past year. Im going to get us matching alumni T-shirts, and ill probably be posting silent posts. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures of my trip, so be prepared to actually visit my blog lol.

    Next week my life will kick ass again. Thank god! :)

  5. I'm planning to go to Croatia, but, since they don't have an embassy here, I will have to go to a Shengen country first, then make a move from there.

  6. Jambino.. Croatia is beautiful, you'll love it

  7. Im staying home (Kuwait) ...being half American is not fun during the long summer holiday here...most of the half breeds travel and I end up spending my time playing videogames or watching DVDs ( set Boxes )

    Oh well..there is always cooking...BBQ ribs anybody?

  8. waterlillie.. I need some GW rear window stickers. I'm down to my last one that's on my car now.

  9. Z,

    If you have any recommendations regarding Croatia; cities, beaches, joints, please let it all hang out!


  10. jambino... I was a kid when I went, but Dubrovnik is where it's at, a postcard city. Sveti Stefan is a must see as well (or is that in Montenegro?)

  11. شفيه التل السياحى؟

    ان شاء الله ناوى اروح شرم الشيخ بالبكس مع العيال

  12. Z,

    So you went there when it was still Yugoslavia, I take it. Now things are different. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of going to Croatia without passing through Slovenia because this means I need two visas in addition to Shengen. Dang!

    I'm hoping to go there by land from Italy (i.e. train or car rental), but it looks difficult.

    I wonder if English is widely spoken over there.

  13. Hmm.. I know some people who gave up their plans for Croatia because it was too darn complicated

  14. جيبوتى عندهم أحلى كنار او ما يسميه أخوتنا اللبنانيين العنّاب

    حقنتين بنسلين و كرتون علب تونا و فول و حبوب بنادول كل ما تحتاجه لقضاء وقت ممتع فى ربوع القارة السمراء

    ما أدرى ليش الشعب وايد ميت على النحشه ...والله صيف الديرة ما كو عليه...قمة الوناسة إذا كنت تعرف ما هى الوناسة الحقيقية...و ما تسوى عليك إتصير هدف للإرهابيين فى أوروبا و لا لبنان...عبالهم أجنبى مع شورتك و ويهك الأملط و تى شيرتك الضيق...و شعرج بو هايلات شقره و ركبج المبيضة و آى بودج الوردى اللى متروس أغانى ماريا كارى ... خلكم بالكويت و تمتعوا بالطاقة الشمسية ...كل شى بارد حلو...و لحظة دخول البيت بتكييفه البارد بعد العودة من مشوار مركز سلطان تسوى شهر فى أى دولة أوروبية ما فيها حتى مروحة بغرفة الفندق

  15. يا حلو ديرتنا

    بس الصراحه بالصيف " بنقب" مانعبر عالحر ...

    am flying to south africa this summer inshalla ,,, neW experiencE with the african safari .

  16. this from the wanna be travel agent: croatia can be reached by any means but without a visa forget it. and as long as you're not a resident in the schengen region you can't be issued with a visa to croatia. hence our scrapped trip. if the borders are porous you can manage zarga but i highly doubt it. considering the number of refugees already in the EU. according to some you can go via sarajevo where they love kuwaities there becuase most of the islamic fighters decided marrying a beatuful blonde and settling down in the rolling hills of bosnia with their cash is much better than sheefat bin laden in afghanistan. there are dedicated kuwaiti and saudi neighbourhoods and we definately don't need a visa. and apparenty the party scene is kicking. now that is an original holiday. or fjord norway!

  17. معقووووووووووولة و الله....
    موضوع لندن.
    إدجوار رود.......و ما أدراك إدجوا روود....
    الله .......رؤية العرب يتمشون بدشاديش النوم....و القعدة عالقهوة..و الأرجيلة. و ديوانية بو فلان......و شاي ام علان. الله الله.....شوقتونا.
    أنا بس أود ان افهم ياخدون عيشهم و سمكهم و خدامهم و عائلتهم الممتدة لسابع جد و يسافرون ليش؟؟؟ مو يقعدون بديرتهم احسن و أشرف لهم و لنا؟؟؟

  18. Just came from Canada and am dying to go back :D

  19. MR. Z

    والله هالسنة قررت وخططت أصيف في بنيد القار ، وإذا إسمحت الظروف وعطونا فيزا، راح أمر على شاطئ السلام بالشويخ

  20. I'm going to Taiwan tomorrow to represent Kuwait for the 37th International Chemistry Olympiad. (http://icho.chem.ntnu.edu.tw/). I'll stay two weeks there. Just enough to learn something about the country and its culture. I even have a friend there who I'm going to visit. After Taiwan, I'm coming back to Kuwait to take some driving classes (Yay 18!) and hopefully get my license so I could cruise around the beautiful Kuwaiti streets with Kuwait. By the end of the summer I have to be in Bahrain where I'm going to study. ...and that's much about it.

  21. Sissy Dep,

    Masha'Allah 3alaich, refa3tai rasna :)) Allah iwafgech!

    Bu Jaij,



    Doha, itha Allah qadarna, with the KK/Fatty clan

  22. I want to go to the Reunion Islands

  23. ma3alish but, .. unplugged ya3ni fasel?

  24. LOOL! Finally someone gets the double meaning in the blog's name!

    الكويت كلها فاصلة

  25. spontaneousnessity

    ma legetai a89ar mn hal 2esem ?

    GooD Question ;p

  26. Thank you, sheba. I am glad that I made my people here proud.

  27. Purchase pirated cards and watch Porn

  28. Zooz. I?ll be first flying all the way to Buenos Aires, then head up north to Rio on my way to Miami for a few days.. then transit in Madrid on my way to Ibiza then off to Athens before heading to Mykonos.. to finally wake up and smell the dust and realize i aint steppin a foot outa this hell hole this summer :) woohoo. Happy holidays y?all.

  29. what else is there ... Montreux for sure.

  30. is it me or im the only person going to pakistan.....?!?!

    though my vacation starts late september, i'll walk all over pakistan and try to finish the papers and approvals to reach the k2 (see vertical limit) and snow blocks the passage ways again i think i'm going to be arrested in tora bora (the pakistani) "agian" for taking pics and praying without ga7fia.....!!!
    sounds crazy but some times u need to go to hell in order to preciate ur heaven...?!?!

    or should i go to algeria, i think i want to meet salma from star acad.2 ....?!?!

    so how about u....
    would u join me...?!?!

    arigato gozaimasu..

  31. Zaydon, I had to ask :)

    Mother Courage, you got something better? yalla a change is always good :)

  32. Zaydoun Mabrouk on the new address, however you should have mentioned on your old blog that you're moving and put a link as not everyone has updated their links. I got to you from the blogger profile.

    It's just old London for me, so if you're there let me know. I went to Dubrovnik as well when it was part of Yugoslavia *sigh* so I would recommend the place to anyone if you can get your visas right.


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