Thursday, July 14, 2005

Playlist July 14 - 20

Yes, the playlist is back.. whether you like it or not ;-)
  1. Annie - My Heartbeat: Perfect summery pop from Norway. Actually it's more suited for Scandinavian summer than ours..
  2. Brendan Benson - Cold Hands (Warm Heart): Lovely track from this talented singer/songwriter from Detroit.
  3. Hard-Fi - Seven Nation Army: Sinister dub-rock cover of the White Stripes' classic anthem.
  4. Gavin DeGraw - Chemical Party: You've heard his hit "Chariot" a million times. This hard rocking track is so different.
  5. Beady Belle - Closer: More Norwegian delights. Jazzy and blissed out.

This week's classic pick is Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.


  1. Hey Z,

    Why don't you do a Podcast of your weekly playlist? It's more work, but I'm sure it will be a great service to the blogger community.

  2. Jambino... I've been thinking about it, but first I need to figure out how

  3. nipaq has a nice primer on Podcasting here:

  4. I just met Tom Petty's daughter, Kim, she's a bitch.

  5. Z,

    It's a bit of work, but it's not rocket science. The first thing you need to do is produce the material. Think of it as a 30 minute radio program.

    All you need is the music (CDs, mp3s) and your voice-over introducing the stuff and what not. To accomplish this you will need a good quality mike and a headphone.

    When the whole show is finished, you'll need to save it as an mp3 file.

    Once that is done, simply save it on your server and drop a link here. We click, we hear! Who needs radio! :p

  6. Zaydoun:
    Are you a dj perchance? And do you adore various techno? If so; would you be interested in exchanging input.

    First time here. Nice blog.

  7. Welcome Tantalize and thanks.. No I'm not a DJ, just an obsessive music fan. But I really like the idea of a weekly Podcast and I will seriously look into it


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