Thursday, July 21, 2005

Playlist July 21-27

It's so hot outside... so stay in with these cool tunes
  1. Eric Benet - Pretty Baby: The former Mr. Halle Berry's new album is out, and this mellow track is a standout.
  2. Jamie Lidell - Multiply: Britain's male answer to Joss Stone, and what a great voice he has. What is it with white Brits sounding so soulful?
  3. Queens Of The Stone Age - In My Head: No, not Bayader Al-Salam.. This song is actually mellow by their usual hard rocking standards.
  4. Foo Fighters - On The Mend: Another beautiful track from the Fighters' new release.
  5. Coldplay - What If: Even though I love the whole X&Y album, this one is on my mind a lot this week.

This week's classic is The Stranglers' Golden Brown, one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I had no idea way back then that they were singing about heroin, but who cares when the melody and orchestration is this gorgeous?


  1. check maryam astornaut blog, you have been mentioned in a magazine.

  2. opps, well done purg,

    I was about to bring it to zaydoun's attention.

    you deserve it zaydoun :)

  3. Idip, I just told him, I do not give compliments here much.

  4. Purg,
    -You told him, I did too.

    -You do not give compliments [here much], I did.

    -no one is hurt.

    no hard feelings ;)

  5. Zaydoun you obviously don't check comments on your older posts that is why I am posting this again :

    Zaydoun Mabrouk on the new address, however you should have mentioned on your old blog that you're moving and put a link as not everyone has updated their links. I got to you from the blogger profile.

    one more thing many of your fans are still stuck in your 'war of the 3awalem' last post on the old address, that is why as i said you need to put a reference for them to follow you here..some of them are astonished !

  6. aham shay bayader al-salam..LOOL

  7. Highlander... I messed up the settings on the old blog and couldn't update or comment or do anything.

    Apologies to everyone!

  8. Ok , what you can do is post a note about it in your blogger profile and and also on the last post of the old blog people will click there and come here . Sorry about your little technical glitch ;)


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