Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bye Bye Landan

Aaaahh London...

Whenever I mentioned to anyone before I went away that I was going to London, they invariably said "how unoriginal". شنو فيها لندن غير اجوار رود؟ said one idiot who I almost strangled.

Of course, that's because most Kuwaitis don't know anything in London beyond the area around Hyde Park, from Edgware Road to Marble Arch to Oxford Street.. and - if you have a bit more taste, not necessarily more money - to Knightsbridge and Kensington. Piccadilly and Leicester Square for entertainment, and then maybe Covent Garden which some would actually consider an adventure, or a day trip in itself! And for hip Kuwaitis "in the know", there's Notting Hill.

But there is so much to see and do in London beyond what I just listed. It truly is one of the world's greatest cities, and it is made of several neighborhoods that function as little towns attached to each other. I am fortunate to have friends scattered around London, so I got to visit them in Hampstead, the East End and Battersea and many places far off the Kuwaiti radar.

The weather was phenomenal. The August heatwave everyone was dreading never materialized, and I spent as much time outdoors as I possibly could in perfect sunny temperatures. I kept daydreaming about buying a small place and moving there, until the one day it rained and I changed my mind. I hate rain!

I didn't see that many Kuwaitis other than the few that I know, but I did see tons of Emaratis stalking the streets of Knightsbridge, trying to decide whether to have their 5 pm "lunch" at Harrods pizzeria or the 5th floor cafe at Harvey Nichols. A study in anthropology, I assure you.

I also went to Copenhagen for a few days. More about that later...

I'm just mad I missed the Mona Taleb/Sundus AbulHassan showdown at the Sheraton Park Tower!


  1. Welcome back sweetie, Coven Garden is my favorite, and did you get to visit Milton Keynes? If you haven?t, then, you should add it to you next visit list, it?s worth it; a taste of the US in the English vicinity where the old historical buildings blend with modern ones amidst vast lakes, it also contains the biggest mall in UK, and an indoor skiing, and close to factory outlets of Bicester Village.

  2. Strangling seems to be a recurrent theme when you get angry, LOL

    I love London too, I even asked my dad if we can invest in a place there when the 7 July terrorist attacks happened, causing real estate prices to fall temporarily...ومصائب قوم عند قوم فوائد

    And as for the showdown, it got substantial coverage in Kuwait. Hell, I didn't know either of these women and now I know their life stories!

    We Kuwaiti gals have nailed down the art of the "ball-busting bitch" ...this would be an interesting topic for your next post, eh?

  3. Ayya.. Milton Keynes sounds like England's answer to Dubai. And that wasn't a compliment

  4. Sounds like you had a great time Zaydoun..Did you catch the Sulayman AL-Bassam play when you were in Denmark?

  5. Zaydoun, u know what I enjoy alot? Camden town on a rainy saturday! Brilliant!

  6. Zaydoun
    Glad you're back and enjoyed yourself. It was a good August this year- beautiful weather.


  7. jewaira...hmmm...why interesting?! ;P

  8. Excellent blog, I'm a long time fan.

  9. Q
    well the combination of Camden Town and a rainy day, that's all :)

  10. zaydoun
    about mona taleb,which story was true,the one in sms or the one in newspapers?.

  11. Welcome back dear.I agree with you that London has so much to offer.I'm heading there to check out the project I told you about.that would be amazing.Just got back from Saudi Arabia where I did my Omrah and managed to relax in Mecca.I's simply amazing to realize how much Saudi Arabia,and specially King Fahad,may Allah bless him,have done to the development of Mecca.

  12. awww its almost my turn to have post vication depression-this post was really funny! :P Fave parts "until it rained", "anthropo study" ha ha :)

  13. tarzan... I don't know which is the true version

  14. زيدون كلامك عين العقل في وايد ناس اعرفهم كل ما اسالهم شتسوون في لندن الجواب كالعادة دوارة في نايتس بريج او تسوق في بوند (و انا بكل صراحة بعد اروح هالاماكن و مب احسن منهم) بس ما مثل ما قلت لندن فيها وايد اشياء القليل يعرفون عنها عني انا احب اروح كناري ورف المشي هناك الصراحة متعة ما في زحمة كثر وسط العاصمة و المنظر هناك حلو

  15. What is London without a Soho pub crawl on a Saturday night,eh?!
    And if you still manage to say sober, you might like to get comedy tickets to Soho theatre.

    I don't know about you, Z, but I find Knightsbridge a tad too pretentious for my liking.

    One might say, there's nothing to complain about Sloane Square and Mayfair though; here class definitely meets up with style.
    Or if you fancy yourself some tweed and wellies company, Epping is just the place for you - away from it all, and yet 45 mins on tube to the West End.

  16. I did catch a comedy show at the Soho Theatre, after a pub crawl on Charlotte Street. But it wasn't on a Saturday

  17. Bull in Chinashop...
    Fulham road and Kings road are famous for the pub crawls, especially if you wanna stay clear of he gay community in Soho. I recommend you start at my favourite watering-hole, the Cadogon Arms on the corner of old church street opposite the Virgin Cinema, then when totally plastered, go straight to The Trafalgar (thats if you haven't past out already). Then maybe spend the rest of the evening at The Collection. Very nice indeed!


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