Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I'm back, ladies and gentlemen... but allow me a few days to get over my post-vacation depression

It's never long enough!!


  1. حمد لله على السلامة :-)

    Write something good to make up for your long abcense!

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  3. حمد لله على السلامة
    waiting for your upcoming posts :)

  4. Welcome back man! Yalla post quickly, we need our dosage! ;P

  5. Everyone's asking for a "Few days" to "get over" something these days.. What's up with that?

    Don't take so long or else I'll switch to my second favorite blog, "Kuwait N Islam"

    You've been warned (and missed)

  6. Z.. what was it ? three weeks ? I learned that you need the exact same days of your vacation to get over that kind of depression.. and lots of soothing music, which I am sure you have tons of.. and some other things that I won?t mention here that would calm you down.. :)

  7. Dear Zaydoun, welcome back, I'm sure you had a great time :). I'm still having a blast here.

    It's a pity that the logistics for a meetup were a problem for you, I thought a simple email would do the trick ;) . My theory from the wording of your message was that you were not 'keen' on the idea mush kidda ?
    I won't ask again because as the adage says :
    الثالثة ثابتة

    All the best to you and Kuwait.


  8. الحمد لله على السلامة الله يعينيك بس هديت البراد و الجو المنعش و رجعت للحر و الرطوبة و الخياس بس لا تطول الغيبة كل ما التهيت بالبلوغ اكثر يروح الاكتئاب بسرعة :)

  9. Highlander

    I wasn't checking the blog all the time I was there, so I always got your messages really late. And I also never stayed put in London but was on the go in and out of the UK and also out of London while in the UK.


  10. Zaydoun,

    You have to be more imaginative than that to be forgiven, find a way I know you can ;) come on ...

  11. great to have you back, missed you tons


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