Monday, August 29, 2005

The Hills Are Alive....!!

Steyr is a little town, that doesn't even attract many tourists. I guess when you've seen one pretty Austrian/Tyrolean town, you've seen them all. However, among its claims to fame are the facts that the composers Schubert and Handel both spent significant time here.

The surrounding countryside is beautiful, and I can see Maria and the Von Trapp kids dashing on their bikes, even if it ain't Salzburg.

Anyway, here's the view from my hotel room before I headed out this morning


  1. ما أصدّق....هذي صوره!!!!!على بالي لوحه

  2. I'm jealous!
    Should I post my Salzburg pictures or is it to late?

    Have some hazelnut ice cream while you're there. It should be good.

  3. lol, partaaaaay!

    I just saw Sound of Music for the first time last week btw!

  4. Shurouq.. I tried hazelnut ice-cream last night. It was OK

    I'm more the Baskin-Robbins type

  5. wow its beautiful, i wish i could be somewhere like that now

    I hope you have a good time, do you know i kept going back to your old blog all the time and didnt know that this is the new site lol stupid me

  6. Mashallah liview 7ada 7ilo! Inshalah you have a great time hnak.

  7. How come I didn't know you have a new site? I thought you disappeared for the summer.

    Have fun. The place looks amazing

  8. Wow looks beautiful.. mashalla.. alla yehaneek

  9. العزيز "زيدون" المحترم:
    اتمنى ان تكون رحلتك موفقه وانك تستمتع بوقتك في النمسا.
    بالنسبه لتساؤلك في مقالك السابق عن السيد "انتي-ريسون" ، وهو صديق قديم وحميم، فوددت اعلامك انه يمر بحاله خاصه دعته للتوقف مؤقتا عن التدوين والتعليق. اني على اتصال دائم ويومي مع "اي-آر" ، وقد طلب مني نقل تحياته وشكره الجزيل لك ولكافه القراء الكرام ويعد بالعوده للمشاركه بالتدوين سريعا.

  10. Wishing you a wonderful trip- the weather should be enough to energize you again

  11. ALLLAAAAH , Now ana met7asfa for cancling my trip to austria :)

  12. Wow that's pretty cool. I went to Austria twice for a ski trip. Innsbruck once and a town next to the Golden Roof the next time. It was really nice. Some people actually stole from tiles off the Golden Roof.


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