Monday, September 05, 2005

!بسنا فلوس

According to this article in The Daily Star, Kuwait is expected to post a surplus of up to $26 billion in the current fiscal year which ends in March on the back of soaring oil prices, a local economic report forecast on Saturday. NBK's latest economic report also said that Kuwait's revenues would range between $47 billion and $50 billion, depending on the price of crude.

In another article, Jassem al-Saadun, head of Kuwait's Al-Shall Economic Consultants accused Kuwait and other Gulf states of using the surplus to buy political loyalty rather than spend it on much needed infrastructure projects. The recent salaray increases for non-productive government employees in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are proof of this approach.

So where is the rest of the money going? And what do you think it should be spent on?


  1. Where is the money going? Wel... We'll leave that to the conspiracy theorists...

    What should it be spent on? Hospitals, a decent college campus, better salaries for public school teachers (so we don't end up paying دم قلبنا for private schools!), better roads and infrastructure for the poor folks who live in جنوب السرة, development programs for المناطق العاشرة (proper health care seminars, workshops on the perils of interfamily marriage, a hotline for battered women and girls, education of legal rights, another workshop on employment opportunities for women whose families don't allow them to work in a coed environment) better cancer patient treatment, an awareness campaign on diabetes, a proper school for autistic children (not that piece of shit مركز التوحد إلى بالروضة)

    That's just off the top of my head.

  2. woha Mushmushi , whats with the name calling , why call it a piece of shit ? because its old ?

    for your information they are going to build a new place in mushrif near kuwait expo site , and its going to cost 3 million KD
    because i work with them تطوع

    oh and Zaydon you were wondering where we going to spend it ? we just spend 1% of it on USA , more to come in the next week or so i'm sure

  3. Where is it going? I don't wish to get into politics!
    What should it be spent on?
    Board walks with Jazz Bars, Artsy Fartsy clubs, Casions, Boutique hotels!
    oh yes and Breweries, Wineries vineyards!
    Forget infrastructure, strong economy, health and education!

  4. We are in the 21st century. We deserve to live in a country that has the will to catch up with the times.

    We still have little over 94 years to do it.

    Why am I pessimistic?

  5. شرقاوي

    As long as we have decision-makers and MPs trapped in the 14th century, all the money in the world will not help us

  6. والله الشباب متفائلين

    أعتقد إن الفلوس توزعت وراحت، صج إنصرف منها شوية عالمناهيل بالشوارع وبيسوون نفق وجسر دوار الجوازات بعد إشنبي أكثر

  7. Hi Fozaq8,

    The reason I criticize مركز التوحد is not because it is old, but rather because it is selective in which students to accept, when it should be run on a equal opportunity basis. Furthermore, the Center is funded by the government and by donations from philanthropists, so why does it charge over KD1000 for tuition?! I respect your volunteer efforts and commend you for going out there and trying to help disabled children, I just don't respect the manner is which مركز التوحد is administered and think it abusing the need of parents with autistic children for it.

  8. did you people read about the new plan for kuwait in the papers ?

    mushmushi do you think kuwaiti student pay for the whole 1000 kd ?

    no , the disapled council pay for most of it , when they opened the tuition was less than 300 kd , and then when they opened the council for disabilites the council payed for student tuition and payed them something like 3000 kd for all student while they payed something around 50,000 for fawzia sultan school , which has less than 1/4 of the student مركز التوحد deal with
    not only that , but also Zakat house pays for the rest of the tuition for people who are not able to do that .

    and why its selective , because you can't accepts all autisum children like that , first of all the teachers are normal teachers from the MOE , they aren't Trained for special needs kids , you have to trian them , and becuse of that they have no way to handle a lot of degree's of autisum , not only that but its a known thing that boys are way harder to deal with than girls , and if you have boys over 12 , they can't accpets them

    and they have limited space and teachers , once they move to the new center they are going to accpet more thats for sure

    why don't you go there and meet the director your self and voice your concerns ?

  9. Based on the information you have shared with us, my original point stands firmly; we need a proper school for autistic children.

  10. Where it's going or gone? you have to ask the people whose pockets it's lining..where should it go? Wow so many places...Schools should be updated and stocked with books and computers and learning materials and equipment for sports and arts and all sorts of activities..teachers should be paid a decent salary and constantly trained..the university should be overflowing with resources..the best professors should be hired and other should be invited to be visiting professors and Kuwaitis and other people who call Kuwait home should be given scholarships to study anything they want to abroad or here and come back proud to be members of society...people who do menial labour should be paid a living wage..given decent housing..Hospitals should be the best in the world..doctors should be the education education again..decent theaters, art centers, music facilities, sports centers for young people in every area..pollution should be cleaned up, proper and safe public transportation should be offered..we have the money, why isn't it happening? Maybe some of the money should be used to hire better managers of the oil wealth.

  11. kwtia... You are right on target as usual. I expected nothing less from you :-)

  12. Education - but invest to create a smart / competitive / highly skilled human being.

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  14. Education and Health,
    Oh and rebuilding the Old Sour of Kuwait to keep out the "jangal" especially those who are here just to exploit the state's resources as much as they possibly can.
    Mushmushi and Kwtia I couldnt have said it better

  15. Foreign aid for the flood victims of Hurricane Katrina?

    THANK YOU KUWAIT!! You'll never know how much your gesture and generosity are appreciated.


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