Thursday, August 04, 2005

Outta Here!

I'm off on a 2-week break... I might post something from my travels if I feel like it, but don't count on it ;-)

Stay safe, be good, and I'll see you when I get back!

ما أوصيكم


  1. Have a good time.

    Thought this link might brighten your weekend... your alma mater was named as one of the hottest 25 universities in America.

  2. تروح و ترجع بالسلامه:)

  3. Hope u enjoy ur time in london.....while i am enjoying my time being in kuwait this weekend since i havnt been there for a year ! :)

    Stay safe...

  4. Bosh... where did I say I would be in London?

  5. Hey, enjoy and have fun! For some reason I couldnt access ur blog the past few days! Glad its back ;)


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