Wednesday, August 03, 2005

One blog created every second

Compared with the summer of 2004, it seems Kuwait's bloggers are either bored or have become very scattered across an ever increasing number of blogs, where it becomes very hard to keep up. Time constraints and a desire to maintain a normal life away from the PC also mean that there is no way to keep track of what's out there.

Around the world there's a new blog created every second, which means that we're all engaged in the blog equivalent of TV channel surfing. There's so much out there that audiences have become very fragmented as they set out to discover what they like. Eventually, we all settle into the few blogs (and TV channels) that we're comfortable with and stick to them until something really exciting comes along.

So go forth, trusty bloggers... go out and explore this wonderful world and come back to me with some cool and interesting stuff. I'm sure there are some gems right here in our back yard, but who has time to look?


  1. I posted on this yesterday without the commentary.

    "and come back to me", that would be something I would use :P

    There are no gems out there, its basically the same stuff repeated over and over, there is no new blog with such an impact that is different than what we already have.

  2. Frankly, I'm still finding my way around the local blogs. When I have my fill of that, I'll explore elsewhere.

    One thingg I gotta say about blog-land, we have some pretty terrific writers in Kuwait. ما شاء الله
    To quote the Pinky and the Brain, "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" We can start a Kuwaiti anglophone literary movement, just like the francophone authors of North Africa.


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