Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Last week I was fortunate to travel to Paris after Austria, and after I finished my morning meeting I decided to skip the usual Parisian locations that most Kuwaitis stick to and head down to the Marais area, where I just strolled around with a good friend, taking in the sights and sounds, the galleries and little brasseries.

It was a warm, sunny day and Parisians (or maybe other tourists) were out in full force. I would've gone to check out Paris Plage but leave it to the French to shut things down just because les enfants are back in school.

These are pictures I took at Place des Vosges, the most beautiful square in Paris, and a personal favorite of mine. We got some ice cream and just hung out on the grass all afternoon.


Below is Ile Saint Louis, one of the oldest and most exclusive residential neighborhoods in Paris. I took this picture from the bridge that leads to Notre Dame.


  1. The Marais used to be a swamp... in fact, that's what marais means in French. By the way, there is quite an interesting Picasso museum that is walking distance from Place des Vosges at H?tel Sal?
    5, rue de Thorigny, 75003 PARIS. It's got a substantial collection of Picasso's work, in case you're interested.

  2. you know!! Sometimes I just think, why would you want to blow the cover of your personal spots that is not bombarded by Kuwaitis yet? Making us see these places would not make it so special anymore, especially that you said, you are trying to avoid them.. hehehe

    just a joke.. :P
    thanks for sharing, o 3awwart egloobna ebhal manather.. :(

  3. Don... don't worry. The average Kuwaiti who shows off about his/her trip to Paris won't be impressed with these locations

    ماكو ماركات كبيرة ولا قهاوي يخزون فيها باجي الكويتيين والسعوديين

  4. did you try "le petit picard"..serves beautiful french cuisine and very popular restauran in Marais..thanx for the pix..very nice..:)

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  6. some one needs to switch on the "word verification" on the comment section. ;)

  7. Yeah I was thinking about that Don.. now I know why YOU put it ;-)


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