Monday, October 03, 2005


Flew out of Kuwait Airport yesterday evening, on Emirates. I went up to the new lounge that is run by National Aviation Services, having remembered that I was once previously not allowed in but couln't remember if at the time I was on Emirates to Dubai or MEA to Beirut.

Anyway, I went up in the elevator and arrived at the empty lounge only to be told that Emirates passengers could not use this lounge, but instead the ugly tent-shaped one below or the crappy one they opened last year near the VIP hall.

Needless to say, I gave the poor lounge hostess a piece of my mind. I told her (very loudly) that they should put a sign outside indicating which airlines are allowed access to the lounge. That way they would not have to regularly turn away clueless passengers because that would be just downright rude!

زفيتها خوش زفة


  1. HaHa Zaydoun-Ishfeena 3ala ilzaf-Ana ilyoom zafait ilpilates instructor because she would'nt give the class unless there were 2 people in it-So I said "Just imagine im two people I drove all the way in this traffic for nothing!!!"-she turned me in to the gyms front desk for screaming at her! (matinlaaam)

  2. loooool! 7aram 3aleikom.. ((waterlilie, i dont blame you)).. sa7 kalamek zaydoun.. they should put a sign bs im thinking she has nothing to do with that :P bs im sure the sign is there now.. lol!

  3. مبارك عليك الشهر اول شي تبي الصج بعض شركات الطيران اللي عندنا في الخليج ما يمشون الا بالصراخ و الزف و ما لومك و انا اتذكر في استراليا ما تقدر تسمع نفسك من الصراخ على الموظفين (موظفين شركة طيران خليجية بس ماذكر اي وحدة) كنسلو الرحلة من غير يقولون حق المسافرين :(

  4. مبارك عليكم الشهر اولا
    تمشي و تزف في العالم, هذي ثاني مره عقب سالفة مطعم العائلات
    So, I don't like you anymore ;)

  5. مبارك عليك الشهر

    شكلك حار مصعقر ... طول بالك . العصبيه تقصر العمر

  6. Mother Courage,

    I believe you mean مصرقع وليس مصعقر

    (I love the blogging world... sometimes I think I'm the only one who speaks hardcore Kuwaiti!)

    وزيدون، زين تسوي فيها عشان يتعلمون فن خدمة العميل... جليلة سنع ما تستحي على ويهها!

    مبارك عليكم الشهر وتعودونه كل سنة وانتواواهاليكم بصحة وسلامة

  7. lol where are you off to?

  8. Good for you :) The worst thing is being turned away whe you reach somewhere.

  9. akheeran lgeet ur web site!..mbarak 3aleekum el shahar

  10. mushmushi

    weeh , bteg3ad tetsayadlii !!

    3ad ent kheth w khal ;-p

  11. hwkw.. to Dubai for 2 days business trip. Back tonight.

    Next post written at airport!

  12. The lounge is excellent but the reception staff are absolutely clueless and would be better used in some of Sicily's almond fields. As a OneWorld Emerald I have been turned away twice, but the second time I had read the info and went to seek the aid of some BA employee, who told them that OneWorld is all the same and please let him in.

    Needless to say, I was refused again the third time.

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