Thursday, October 20, 2005

Playlist October 20 - 26

Well unless I missed something, the حسم turned out to be a false alarm and it seems there's a gag order on the local press not to bring up the subject... so why not forget all that and get down to some "choons"..
  1. Madonna - Hung Up: She's back with a fun dance track. The ABBA sample sounds cool at first, but then you have to wonder.. does Madonna really need to sample anybody? Shouldn't lesser artists be sampling her?
  2. Paul Weller - Come On/Let's Go: Finally, Mr. Weller gives up trying to be Sting (i.e. dull) and goes back to energetic rockm showing the young 'uns how its done.
  3. Franz Ferdinand - You're The Reason I'm Leaving: Scotland's arty rockers are back, and yes I've finally warmed up to them.
  4. Bob Sinclar - Love Generation: At least I got to hear this one on a beach before summer's end!
  5. H.I.M. - Wings of a Butterfly: Ice cool Finnish metal rockers with a thing for a dramatic chorus.

For this week's classic pick.. I'm going pop with Waiting For That Day by George Michael. As far as I'm concerned it was all downhill after Listen Without Prejudice, and may I announce right here that I HATED his last album? There.. I said it!!


  1. I just can't force myself to like madonna's single, I guess my disconnection from any radio/TV stations has something to do with it, or else I will be totally in love with it after I hear it 29th times the same day.

    Glad you liked the scots, the last track is really nice too. The intro is a killer to me, two guitars harmonizing really nicely then the drums kick in.

    If you are coming to the thing, tell me so so I can make you a copy of the whole album and some others.

    Rock on

  2. Pump DJs - The Rub off
    Stisch - Beauty In Me (Barfly Remix)

  3. hwkw... I found Stisch online (not bad) but couldn't find Pump DJ's


  4. Hi Zaydoun! Try :)


  5. Zaydoun
    Are you suggesting that Madonna can no longer reinvent herself?

  6. Mama Fusla.. I'm sure she can do better. It's just that after a few listens, the novelty of the ABBA sample is wearing off. A few years from now, this song will NOT be remembered among her classics, but just as a throwaway, like the godawful "American Life".

    And who knows? Maybe she has finally (gasp!) run out of ideas. Lets wait for the album and see..


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