Wednesday, November 02, 2005

عيدكم مبارك

Before I take a few days off to enjoy the great weather, here are some questions for you during this Eid
  1. Did you gain or lose weight during Ramadan?
  2. Are you going away or staying in Kuwait during Eid?
  3. What's the biggest amount of cash you got as عيدية when you were young?
  4. Did you stock up on THIS?


  1. 1. gain
    2. Staying
    3. Around KD300 Along time ago
    4. No (I can manage with out it
    عيدكم مبارك و عساكم من عوادة

  2. 1. Lost a couple of kilos then gained them back
    2. Staying
    3. Don't recall
    4. Yes. And it will be my eidiya to friends and family

    أيامك سعيدة زيدون

  3. 1. -(1.786)Kg
    2. Staying
    3. 20 KD (عمي عيدني عشره وإكتشفت أنهم عشرتين لاصقين ببعض)
    4. If I knew where to find it in q8...

    ووكل عام وأنتو بخير

  4. 1-i think i gained 1 or 2 kilos
    3-around 450 long time ago
    4-i didnt get the question! but yes:)

  5. 1. lost 1 kg
    2. Flying in my dreams
    3. 150KD
    4. Fairies never need such things (do they come in pink???)

  6. 1. Gained 5 kilos (i dare anyone to beat this!)
    2. Staying
    3. Probably 100KD
    4. Nope, dont need it (yet)!

  7. 1. I feel like I lost some... Does that count?
    2. Staying. Love the big Extended Family Eid Lunch.
    3. All I remember is that whenever it broke over 100 I considered it to be a good fiscal year.
    4. I want to know your answers to these questions!

    Gigi, demandingly

    P.S. Oh, and Blessed Eid to you too Zaydoun. Have a good trip and don't do anything I wouldn't do. lol :D

  8. P.P.S. Did anyone else ever keep a Eediya Ledger that included a list of which relatives gave eediya's and how much?

    Lol... If I hadn't thrown mine away I would have been better able to answer question 3 :D

    Gigi, accountantly

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  10. 1. The same
    2. In Kuwait
    3. 10 KD - long time a go in a place far far away
    4. do not need it

  11. Gigi.. I guess it's fair so here goes:

    1. No change
    2. Was supposed to stay, but today I changed my mind
    3. KD 230
    4. No need

  12. Ayamik Sa3eeda

    1. Same weight. One heavy meal replaced my previous three.
    2. Staying unfortunately.
    3. I don't remember, but was always envious that my older brother got more :)
    4. lol

  13. 1-same
    2-munich and amsterdam
    3-35 kd

  14. The 4th question wasn't do you use/need Viagra or not. It is funny how Kuwaiti men get that defensive and answer with no I don't need it.
    Kuwaiti men are so predictable.

  15. 1. I lost. I have no appetite during Ramadan.

    2. London, Paris

    3. Aw, shucks. Remember back when we used to get 3eediya?

    4. Hizell yizzeah.

    3eedik imbarak, Zeez.

  16. اجوبة الاسئلة
    1. اعتقد اني خسرت.. يمكن اقص على نفسي
    2.في لندن
    3.اكثر شي في كان 200 دينار بحريني
    4. اعوذ بالله :)

  17. 1. I gained, but donno how much. I'm afraid the scale would say get the hell off of me.

    2. Staying where I am.

    3. I think somewhere around 70 KD from one of my parents.

    4. I'm abstinent.

  18. و صج نسيت اقول عيدك مبارك :)

  19. 1- I gained the same amount of weight Shaima Ali gained in her lips

    2- I'm hypernating in Deera ( Bears shed a lot of weight that way )

    3- 8500 KD , I managed to sell all of the bottles a day before Eid started

    4- No I got something more potent, Sex Godess Badriya Ahmad in a french maid costume

    هابى إيد تو يو تو

  20. 1. lost 500 grams

    2. Staying

    3. KD 300+ ayam il manakh

    4. I got some for dad ;p

  21. 1. same.

    2. staying.

    3. 100kd (baba) 100kd (mama). Today my dad gave me 20kd fara7t chan igool mo 7agich 7ag ilkhadamah. :(

    4.not applicable.

  22. 1. my clothes feel tighter but i blame the washing machine
    2. staying where i am
    3. dunno but i always got pretty excited whenever i hit the 20KD mark
    4. cant help me!

    and a happy Eid to all ;)

  23. 1) Lost weight
    2) Staying
    3) Total sum I can't recall but one time I remember my uncle giving me KD200

  24. 1- loss 1Kg >> gaind 2 more :"(
    2- studying abroad (outside)
    3- around 300-350KD
    4- hmm.. not yet form me :P
    و عيدكم مبارك و عساكم من العايدين الفايزين

  25. Zaydoun
    I don?t think the weight gain or loss will count now; ask this question after one month. And I?ll bet you any thing that the gain is more than the loss.

  26. 1. lost...big time (bas not because of fasting)

    2. am away :)

    3. 100 KD...i wish i can go back!!!

    4. hehehe..nope!! and inshalla not anytime soon ;p

  27. 1- gain akeed
    2- walaa makoo safraa al7ean bs maybe next week
    4-inshalaaa ma7tajaa ;)

    oo kel 3aam wentaa eb5air


    ABE 3EDETY!!

    3- 70KD :) from one person but if you mean total 305KD

  29. 1) State secret - marked confidential, for compulsory use by British tabloids only.

    2)Physically I plan on staying back here but mentally, I plan to be in a place they call ' Xanadu'.

    3)100,000 fils; give or take a couple hundred thousand more :)

    4) Yes and no. Get very senti about such things but I gave some of it away to my good ol'friends in Khalidiyah whom later on , I discovered, had blown it all up on their pet project of running a French restaurant downtown that goes by the name of L'Ikhwaan.
    Amazing place, Zaydoun, you must try it sometime. Their sommelier will be glad to assist you anyway he can in booking you and your friends the best table at their weekly open air wine tasting
    dos in Al Rawda garden.
    Eid to you,

  30. You almost got me there Isabella... Wine tasting in Rawda, you say? How close to my house?

  31. Zed,

    It's only a hop, skip and jump down from where you live. So enjoy.

  32. Isabella.. I ain't going without an invitation

  33. Oh, but you must!
    What's in an invite?! It's only a piece of paper.
    La Bella Isabella


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