Monday, November 07, 2005

Schoolhouse Blog

This is just excellent, and I really hope to see it in Kuwait's classrooms very soon.

However, there might be some people higher up who would not be too keen on teaching kids how to express their opinions.


  1. Been trying to do that using my webpage but it's more complicated than I thought. I know I have that feature with my webserver providers but I'm lost in its maze still.
    A bunch of students at KU do something similar through yahoo groups which I thought was quite a step in the beginning, but it's not too well-endorced by the teacher of that class, which might explain the small number of contributors.

    Maybe I'll have time soon to try to figure out how to work it.

  2. Hanan, It does sound like you :)

  3. Related topic, but on ipods

    Still, do all students have internet access from home? And even if their families can afford it, will they allow them to use it despite the fatwas dictating that the internet is 7aram?

    I think it takes more than 'people higher up' to implement this educational medium.

  4. i strongly agree with thier point of view, actually this is the only reason keeps me on the blog line after all those years, just to improve writting and english skills and i got it from my dearest teacher in the US when we had to teach high school students the basics of biology.

    You wish having it in kuwait, while i wish we have this kind of educated teachers in our schools.

    Thank you Mr. Zeez.

  5. We have this thing in my current university where a teacher posts a topic question in an online forum and students have a week to answer it in order to get full marks in their participation grade.
    I'm thinking about implementing that in KU if it can be done. A week is plenty of time to go to one of the computer labs at KU to do it. And if there aren't any good or accessible computer labs at KU, then I'll set up a computer terminal in my office for the students to use. It's the best way for students who don't like to speak up in class to voice their ideas during a discussion.

  6. mcarabian... That would really be great and I hope you can share your experience with us

  7. Very good way to get kids started to write and composing, and to aslo get more experienced on computers, HTML and web-site design at teh same time. excellent combination.

  8. Is it at all possible that someday we might see the fatwa'ad become the fatwaees?

    Mighty interesting, to see if such a provisio actually exists allowing this to happen.
    La Bella Isabella


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