Saturday, November 19, 2005

On Kuwait

A new blogger has joined the fray here on Kuwait Unplugged, his name is Moryarti and he lives in Dubai. Moryarti grew up in Kuwait and his parents still live here. He came to visit them during the past Eid holidays and filed this excellent report. I was almost moved to tears when I read it, along with the great comments on his post. It's been too long since I read something warm and positive about Kuwait, so I felt I had to share it with you.

I could copy and paste it here in its entirety but that would take away the joy of reading it on his blog, and perhaps adding your own thoughts and comments to the story.

If anything, it brought one fact crashing home: That in spite our many shortcomings, people in the GCC still look up to Kuwait as a beacon of progress and enlightenment even if we seem to have recently skidded off the road to progress in so many ways.

And that is why I feel we have such a huge responsibility to take our country back from the forces of darkness who want to drag us back to the Stone Ages, as well as the forces of corruption who are looting and plundering our resources in broad daylight.

Kuwait has so much potential and it's all within reach. It's not just for the sake of our future generations, but for our neighbors as well!

Did that last bit sound patronizing to our neighbors? Of course it did.. I'm Kuwaiti!



  1. Z,

    To me Moryarti is as Kuwaiti as you and me. How do we define citizenship? A card, a paper? I salute the government's initiative to nationalize people who were here 30 years ago and served the country well.

    I am sick and tired of nationalizing every "Awair & Zwair" who end up in Guantanamo and then ask us to bail them, and if that's not enough, bring them here in private jets!

    I say, Jashenmal for Jibla in 2007! :)

  2. Zaydoun, Both your post and Moryarti's are very moving.. there are hardly any words left to say.

    If only more people would appreciate this land.

    وعلى قولة الربعي الكويت لا زالت جميلة.. تفاءلوا

    And well said, Jambino :)

  3. eeee walla Zaydoun, I just read his post yesterday actually! Absolutely loved it!

    Made me at7assaf for not knowing when he came! Inshalla someday!

    o sij our country is beautiful, lil asaf not many of its citizens realize that! Caring alot more about themselves than the country!

    LOL @ jambino, im with u, Ms. Jashenmal for Jibla 2007 ba3ad!

  4. Zaydoun .. I second Shurouq. Your post summarizes any comment anyone would have.

    I'll copy what I commented at Moryarti's:

    "Moryarti .. Excellent post. I'm one frustrated kuwaiti and this post is definitely uplifting.

    You said in a comment:

    "I'll always be grateful to Kuwait for what it granted me and my family"

    I just wish for a time when many Kuwaitis realize that and feel grateful too."

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  6. صراحة تقرير موريارتي طويل و ما فيني شدة أقراه بس حبيت أأكد على ان الكويت على كل الخرايب الي فيها تظل أحسن دولة في الشرق الأوسط بدون منازع و لحد يقول دبي أو قطر لأنه مع احترامي لهم الكويت هي الأفضل و هذا كلام من وحي الواقع و ليس مجاملة
    انشالله أهل الكويت يعرفون قدر الكنز الي عندهم و يحافظون عليه و الله الموفق

  7. مادري شصار شكلي حذفت التعليق.. كل اللي ابي اقوله ان من غير مجامل افتخر اني بحريني بس مثلا اذا في الجامعة سالوني عن الديموقراطية اقول لهم و بكل فخر ان الكويت كانت سباقة و ان دستورنا في البحرين مال 1973 اغلب مواده كانت مشابه لدستور الكويت :)

  8. i've read Moryarti's post when he commented on ur previous post . loved what he wrote about kuwait. and i applaud him for that. i personally wouldnt have written such thing about kuwait , we (kuwaitis) sound very pessimistic when it comes to our country's recent status. i wanted to thank him but didnt actually find the appropriate words. simply i was out of words .
    " Did that last bit sound patronizing to our neighbors? Of course it did.. I'm Kuwaiti! "

    maybe u've been trying to be sarcastic about q80s being way too proud, but actually it is our arrogance that led us to this level !

  9. mother courage... it was intended as a joke

  10. i feel butterflies in my tummy
    its like im under a magic spell
    we were having a very similar coversation yesterday, my husband and I and some friends.
    It makes me soo happy to read it today, and from so many people.
    we love kuwait dot com :")

  11. My wife tells me that I am good with words, I know what to say and when say it :)

    but you got me this time..

    Your utter kindness left me speechless..

  12. complacency can lead to extinction.

    self conceit can lead to self destruction.

  13. yes zaydoun i've noticed its a joke , but i just wanted to Emphasize ur point of that joke in a clear way . =)

  14. للأسف أنه هذه المواضيع تجيب لي الإحباط عندما أنظر لحال الكويت الآن بقيادة النواب المتأسلمين.....كل الدول تنفتح إلا أحنا كل مالنا ونزداد تشدد وإنغلاق وتخلف...

  15. I just read Moryarti's post. Beautiful Thanks for sharing it with us Zaydoun.

  16. It's a great link Zaydoun. And it feels good to spread some positive vibes doesn't it ? ;)

  17. a great post

    ولو ان الاوضاع في الديرة ما تبشر بخير بس كلامه يخلي الواحد يتفاءل ومثل ما تقول الاغنية

    عاشت لنا الكويت الكويت وعاشوااهلها

  18. Z
    yr "7oor El-3een" was on CNN today

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