Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Spoiled Brats

بما أن صاحبنا مادم راعي مزاج متقلب، يوم يعتزل ويوم يرجع... يوم يمنع التعليق ويوم يفتح المجال... استأذنت منه لأعرض آخر رسماته العبقرية هنا على مدونتي المتواضعة، لأنه بصراحة الموضوع ما يتطوف


  1. lol funny, but sadly true.

  2. I disagree

    There is no trace of "3abqariyya" in anything I do

  3. بني آدم .. دائماً طماع

  4. فعلا عبقرية , تعجبني افكارك يا مادم بس مرات تكون الرسمات وايد وصخة مثل ملوت ستاربكس و سوالف أول
    keep it up

  5. Dropping consumer loans is the most absurd, disastrous and outlandish idea out there. I seriously think our idiotic MPs should pass at least two courses in economics before they are allowed to make any comments pertaining to money.

    Any idiot with rudimentary understanding of monetary policy will tell you this is a recipe for hyper-inflation.

    Any imbecile with any grasp of civics will also tell you the legislator has no business meddling so flagrantly in monetary policy!

    By asking the government to bail consumer loans en masse, these schmucks are basically asking our central bank to pump billions into the local banking system for no particular reason. Do this and a dozen eggs at Sultan Center will cost 5 KD tomorrow.

    Who ARE these people? Do they have an education?

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  7. الله يفكنا من بلا سو الاتعاس

  8. How did these imbeciles get into parliament?

    How long do we have to put up with people who are destroying our country's integrity and values?

    Yes, the government should spend the windfall- but in improving so many dwindling services and institutions in Kuwait.

    Our government schools are a mess- in constant deterioration.

    Public restrooms are sickening to use.

    Invest in indoor recreation areas and clubs of quality for our youth-so they don't waste their days doing the pilgrimmage around Marina Mall every weekend (and weekdays too).

    Create useful government funded activities for those boys and girls to develop skills. Youth programs of quality.

    The government has money? Then create a world class substance abuse rehabilitation center: with training centers for workers. Special funds to send interested Kuwaitis to specialise in rehabilitation.

    Plan ahead, people. Think of the future and the quality of life in Kuwait. That is what this money should be spent on.

  9. jambino & jewaira... the minimum educational requirement to run for parliamentary elections is the ability to read and write Arabic. That's it. That should answer all your questions.

    Either that or they're just plain evil!

  10. I seriously doubt that anyone, either in government or parliament really cares about the future of this country. We are possessed with the grab all you can get mentality! Suck the bone dry and chuck it away!

    Great work Mad M as usual :)

  11. ما أدري أنا كبرت و لاّ الكتبه مو واضحه...الحين أكثر من مره أحاول أقرا اللي مكتوب ماني قادره أشوفه

  12. The problem is not our MP?s education or what level of schooling they?ve done, it?s their mentality; albagara al7aloob. It seems like the whole community feel this instability and insecurity. Why spend on the country when they all think that it is not lasting. Oh and they are planning alright, but only for the ? guba? one day. How sad.

  13. Here is something interesting: Saudi Arabia lifted their trade embargo on Israel to join the WTO (becoming the 149th member). Meanwhile, Kuwait and UAE still have the embargo in place!

  14. ههههههههههههههههههههه



    يعتيك العافيا ^__^

  15. Just in case anyone needs this cartoon translated, then feel free to check out the post I put up called, "Spoiled Brats!"


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