Friday, December 16, 2005

Playlist - December 16 - 21

Not much new stuff out there that caught my attention, so I might as well get started on my Best of 2005 review for next week. In the meantime, here's a sample what my iPod coughed up yesterday, and I'm just going to list them without comments.... except for the first one
  1. Kate Bush - King of the Mountain: The only new(ish) song this week. It took a while for it to grow on me; I gave it several listens because.. come on.. it's Kate Bush!
  2. The Connells - '74 - '75
  3. Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It
  4. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues
  5. Q-Tip - Breathe and Stop


  1. ألف ألف مبروك علينا و عليكم أول خطوات الاصلاح الفعلي بالكويت بشيلة زيدون الوورد فاركاشيون

    مشكور زيدون فقد أثبت انك فعلا تسعى الى الاصلاح و الفال حق البقية

    شكرا :)

  2. Marvin Gaye is the fiiinest.

    And I liked Kate Bush's site.

  3. زيدون مرحبا

    off track

    أخر ما دونه بن كريشان كان في ?/?? ، ومن ذلك الوقت حتى الآن ماكو
    شي ، ولو تلاحظ كل كتاباته السابقه ، لم تكن تتباعد لهذه الدرجه أبدا
    الله يستر من العيون في العين

    i second shurouq for Marvin Gaye

  4. I was thinking just this morning as i listened to kate bush's album for the zillionth time, wainha on the playlist?? 3umurha taweel ya rab. hope it doesn't take her 20 years to release her next album.

  5. Hi zaydoun
    thank you for a great list..

    please how can i get in contact with you?

  6. judy... I don't like to post my email address here. For obvious reasons ;-)

    How can I get in touch with you?

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  8. hwkw.. It is indeed a first! When I wanted to do it last time I flew Lufthansa, the sleeping pills got to me!

    Have a safe trip and a great time wherever you're going

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  10. Right.. I forgot you don't live here most of the year. So you're coming back for the holidays?

  11. <--Zaydoun isn't this the company u work in :P

  12. Not anymore.. I left them last year

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  14. Don't know yet. I might go out of town


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