Monday, January 16, 2006

في رثاء الأمير الراحل

إليكم أفضل ما قرأت من مقالات في الصحف الكويتية اليوم حسب رأيي المتواضع، لما فيها من كلام متزن ونابع من القلب، بعيداً عن النفاق والمبالغة

عبـداللطيـف الدعيـج
شـملان العيـسى
محـمد مسـاعد الصـالح
أحمـد البـغدادي


  1. thank u for cutting it short to us:)


    o allah yer7ama enshalla

  2. لقد بــنى عبد الله السالم مجدنا السياسي فحاصرنا مع الأسف هذا المجد .. جابر الاحمد وضع اسس الكثير من حاضرنا الاقتصادي والثقــافي فأملنا ان نتمـسك بهـذه الامجاد.

    I think this was the most touching sentence in Al-Duaij's article. It is very telling about how legacies of leadership are established. If Abdullah Al-Salem is our Abe Lincoln because of his establishment of our democracy, Jaber Al-Ahmad is our Franklin D. Roosevelt, for it was during his reign that we strengthened our economy, survived the stock market crash, and endured Gulf Wars I (Iran-Iraq War), II (INVASION), & III (Liberation of Iraq from Saddam).

    May His soul rest in peace and may God grant wisdom, righteousness, and strength to our new Emir.

    P.S. Zaydoun, at the risk of sounding facetious, I find it amusing that all the articles you chose (except Al-Baghdadi) are written by Jna3at columnists and your second cousin ;-)

  3. mushi... I knew that was coming. But can I help it if I'm related to some great writers?

    I scoured the papers today and frankly I was put off by the gushing sentimentality and fake sincerity in most of the articles.

    This is a sad time for our country yet we need to be clear eyed and remember our duty to protect and preserve the late Emir's achievements.

    This may not be the right time to say this... but there are forces within his family (and their followers) intent on wrecking everything!

  4. زيدزن اما ان ابوحفص الدودكي رجع او انه انولد من جديد

  5. The bahraini prime minister almost suffocated to death because of the pushing crowed, the head of the omani delegation had injured his finger and bled very badly, the body of the amir almost fell several times and it was taken to the grave backwards(feet first), stupid ignorarnt people disregarded the fact that the whole world is watching and took shots from their mobiles,many people cussed and sweared at the amiri guard for not letting them pass(el3an abook,wekher yabn elkalb that sort of cuss), the noise at the prayer was like zarazeer eb sedrah, the saudi king waited 15 minutes in his plane before they brought the ladder, his entourage were picked up by 1990 mercedes, several sheikhs were caught laughing and joking on camera.

    شعب فوضوي

  6. You are related to some great writers, no doubt about it. I was just teasing you.

  7. for some reason, the feelings those authors possessed in their articles are more of a muwa6en-leader feelings. nothing is personal, which is why i disagree with you on being "from the heart and touching".. perhaps they're too old to have this "baba jaber" relationship and the intimacy it comes with.

  8. I never said they were touching, just sincere and clearly unsentimental which is what I liked about them.

    As for their age, there are other writers the same age bawling like kids!

  9. قمة المصداقية عندما تكتب بشفافية عن شخص تعرف انه لا يستطيع الرد عليك

    لكتابنا نرفع القبعات

  10. jashanmal,

    I doubt a lot of the story of the saudis waiting on their plane for 15 minutes and then being moved away in a 1990 mercedes is nothing more than a rumor, which casts doubt on a lot of the other stuff.

  11. HWKW,

    The images were broadcasted over and over........where were you?!

  12. راح جابر الاحمد الصباح امير الكويت الراحل الله يرحمه ويغمد روحه الجنة. وهو يواجه الحساب الصعب المفروض على اولياء الأمور من الله:

    انها لخزي وندامة الاّ من ادى حقها.

    مات الأمير عاش الأمير واستعير من كلمة الشيخ جابر الله يرحمه "حفظ الله الكويت وشعبها من كل مكروه"

  13. fe3lan maqalat`hom kanat jamela o el ed3aij abda3 7eta lelamana foad el hashem ketab khosh maqala

    thanks dear


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