Tuesday, January 17, 2006

KTV News Producers

Did the production team on KTV News actually read the articles that appeared in the foreign press about Sheikh Jaber? There they were gushing over the New York Times and The Independent and God knows who else, and practically thanking them for their kind words, almost beaming with pride for being mentioned so prominently in the world press, when in truth the NYT article was more concerned with what the future holds for Kuwait and the inevitable power struggle, whereas the Independent...

Meanwhile, over at Al-Jazeera.. as expected, a mean-spirited article followed by some outrageously nasty comments. Good to see many Kuwaitis refuting the crap that's populating the comments, so jump in and add your 2 fils worth.

Note that the comments are moderated by Al-Jazeera before they appear which explains why my comment didn't make it. It went something like this (from memory):
Typical Jazeera and its viewers... all they can focus on is the US invasion of Iraq, which would've happened with or without Kuwait, and conveniently forgetting the CENTCOM base in Qatar not to mention Saddam's illegal - and unnecessary - invasion of Kuwait which led to this whole mess in the first place. Saddam brought destruction to Kuwaitis, Iraqis (who had no choice) and the foolish Palestinians who backed him in the belief that he was actually out to liberate THEM!

So Kuwait stopped aid to the Palestinians after the invasion?! Gee, I wonder why... If you have any grievances please take them out on your own leaders and leave Kuwait out of it!


  1. Z,

    Al-Jazeera is a cheap instrument of the Qatari foreign policy.

    Whereas our Jaber (Taj alla rous illi yabohoum) established the Kuwait fund, the Arab Fund and the GCC, among many other things, this fat unprincipled prick builds a matchbox of a TV station to gain cheap points amongst the ignorant and illiterate Arab masses.

    But, you know what? It's not working! Nobody loves the fat prince of the country which hosts this cheap operation. How many people do you think would show up if this immature ruler who overthrew his father on a whim croaks tomorrow?


    Jambino-with a short fuse right now

  2. مابي أخيب ظنك بو الزيد بس هالسايت الدايخ ماله شغل بقناة الجزيرة التلفزيونية

    هذا الي فهمته من بعض الاخوان

    عموما زيد اخو بلال

    أنا أقول الي عنده حقد مو مشكلة خل يطلعونه و يا جبل ما يهزك ريح

    كافي حب شعبه و دعائهم له, كلام طايحين الحظ لا يجدم و لا يأخر

    و السلام ختام

  3. العزيز مطقوق

    تصدق توني الاحظ عدم وجود شعار تلفزيون الجزيرة على الموقع

  4. I was startled yesterday to find so much blatant hatred from some people on news comments as well.

    Everyone should help to change the disinformation that is out there and to present the positive facts to the world.

  5. zaydoun,

    great post on al-jazeera, you make a great point on centcom and qatar. the financial times' coverage of the emirs death wasn't too flattering either.

  6. btw people, aljazeera.com isn't the website for the arabic news network based in qatar. the site is question is a magazine with the same name based in the UAE (http://www.aljazeera.com/about.asp)

    The website of the news organization is http://www.aljazeera.net/

  7. Zaydoun, kudos on ripping aljazeer.com a new one! Raddek kan 7elooo wa mawzoon.

    Having said that, I believe there is an Arabic saying that "The dogs will continue to howl while the caravan moves on." Let them howl, Zaydoun... each dog will have his day.

  8. the article i sno longer on their website i think they were overwhelmed with the comments by kuwaitis.

  9. Im very very sorry but you guys got the wrong AL Jazeera on your link . Yep that s right the wrong AL Jazeera . what you got is AL Jazeera.com , based in Dubai . the real Al jazeera .net is based in Doha qatar and has a proper LOGO>
    check "who are we?" on that link you provide and see what they tell you . trust me .


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