Thursday, February 16, 2006

Playlist February 16 - 22

Something uplifting, something mellow this weekend
  1. The Source feat. Candi Staton - You Got The Love (New Voyager Mix): One of my all time favorites from the early 90's, it gets the remix treatment every few years. But just when I thought it couldn't possibly get better, this new mix leaves me speechless!
  2. Skye - Love Show: Former lead singer with Morcheeba's debut song, and here she cuts loose and lets her voice shine.
  3. Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats: A soothing acoustic ballad. And he's Swedish in spite of that name.
  4. In The Sun - Michael Stipe (JAW Breaker remix): That rare object, a charity single that doesn't suck! Guest vocals from Chris Martin.
  5. The Delays - Valentine: Unearthly lead vocals, discovered a bit late for Valentine's Day. Save it for next year I guess...
  6. قصر الشوق - مروان خوري: Another beautiful song from the Lebanese genius singer/composer.

This week's classic is from the dancefloor. The original version of You Got The Love, just so you can hear how far it's come.


  1. zaydoun

    there is a song, i think its called "from sara with love" not sure though , do you have any clue about it?

  2. mother courage...

    I looked it up. It is indeed called "From Sarah With Love" by Sarah Connor

  3. 3ala ra9i the jews and israelis

    Israeli starts "anti-Semitic cartoon contest"
    JERUSALEM, Feb 16 (Reuters) - An Israeli cartoonist has launched an "anti-Semitic cartoon contest" to poke fun at fellow Jews in response to furore among Muslims over the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad.

    Cartoonist Amitai Sandy said he was inspired by violent Muslim protests and the launching of a Holocaust cartoon competition by an Iranian daily that said it wanted to test the boundaries of free speech espoused by Western countries.

    "We thought it would be a much braver thing to do to publish cartoons about ourselves, rather than our adversaries," Sandy told Reuters. "We want to fight fire with humour."

    The cartoons will be exhibited in a Tel Aviv gallery and on his Web site

    There will be no limitations on entries other than that they be witty, he added.

    "We will show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published," Sandy wrote on his Web site.

    "No Iranian will beat us on our home turf," he added in reference to the cartoon competition being held by Iran's best selling newspaper to lampoon the annihilation of six million Jews in the Nazi Holocaust during World War Two.

    The Hamshahri newspaper said it was holding the contest to test the boundaries of free speech.

    In the latest violence over the drawings, first published in a Danish newspaper last year, three people were killed in Pakistan on Wednesday and franchises of Western firms were set on fire.

    Many Muslims believe it is blasphemous to depict the Prophet.

  4. شكرا على للأغاني
    إختيارك رائع
    أيها الرومانسي الواعد

  5. There's this Indian song they keep playing on Marina FM.. And it's sort of growing on me

    Do you have any clue about it?

    Mother Courage moo a7san miini :P


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