Thursday, February 23, 2006

Playlist February 23 - March 1

Depending on your plans, this will be either be a hectic weekend for your or dead boring.. Either way I have just one recommendation this week to soothe your frayed nerves, and transport you to some far away imaginary land..
  • Kate Bush - Aerial: Finally got around to listening to her latest album its entirety in one sitting. There are some odd moments, but that voice can sing the names in a phone book and it would still sound magical.

Enjoy and have a good weekend!


  1. Well my weekend does look like it will be pretty boring so I might check that album out :)

  2. tnx wonderfull choice :)

    i didnt thought her voice will be as sweet as that )
    tnx again

  3. اسفين على التطفل بس انا بلا وصديقتي نيله ندعوكم لزيارة بلوجنا اليديد

    حياكم الله

  4. ZzzzzzEeeee!

    How was your weekend?

    Thanks for constantly introducing me to music I wasn't aware of.

    New post up on my site...You will be able to tell that my weekend was hell! Nothing else to do...

  5. "Hips don't lie" Shakira & Wyclef


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