Thursday, February 09, 2006

Playlist February 9 - 15

I was supposed to wait till the 40-day mourning period was over to bring back the playlist but I don't see anyone mourning... Do you?

So with crappy weather outside, and a sort of crappy new cabinet just announced, forget all your troubles with these tunes, double the usual number to make up for the absence:
  1. يا أطبطب، يا أدلّع - نانسي عجرم: Straight into party mode with the Lebanese sexpot's latest release. Aside from the silly title, it's actually pretty good.
  2. يا سيدي - أميمة: Out for a while, but a recent discovery for me. A beautiful voice and a flawless song!
  3. أنا عندي حنين - فيروز: Since I heard it performed on SuperStar I can't get it out of my head. One of Ziad Rahbani's masterpieces before he went all experimental.
  4. Joss Stone - Treat Me Right (I'm Yours For Life): From the "Desperate Housewives" soundtrack, the girl can do no wrong. Is she ever coming to perform in our region?!
  5. Morningwood - Nth Degree: What a great name for a band, with a song as trashy as its name! Click here for the video.
  6. Corinne Baily Rae - Put Your Records On: I should save this one for summer, but it's too good.
  7. Duncan Sheik - White Limousine: Just the vehicle to take to work if you're a member of the new cabinet, especially a (duncan) sheik.... geddit?
  8. Sleepy Brown - Me, My Baby and My Cadillac: Or is a Caddie the way to go these days? Old school R&B with a soul brotha vibe
  9. Dios Malos - Say Anything: Mellow acoustic California pop
  10. Tina Dico - Far EP: Smoky Danish singer, formerly with Zero 7. Did I mention I'm not boycotting Denmark and that I don't care what anyone thinks?
  11. Aimee Mann - Wise Up: Dedicated to MP Mohammed Al-Sager who turns out to be a big fan of hers. Who knew?!
  12. John Legend - Ordinary People: That's us folks.... لا حول لنا ولا قوة

This week's classic is Al Green's Love and Happiness... because really at the end of the day that's what we all want, isn't it?


  1. so nice to get a playlist after all the rough topics of discussion throughout the week

    I love john legend, probably his most popular song is used to love you.

    awesome playlist

  2. زيدوووووووووون. لا تطوفك أغنية ماجدة الرومي الجديدة. (اعتزلت الغرام). أغنية متكاملة كلمات، و لحنا، و أداء. و الكليب رائع. ماجدة الرومي تتطل به علينا بروح جديدة بعد ان خلصت من زوجها الظالم.
    أرجو أن تراه و تعطيني رأيك به.

  3. الله يا زيدون


    اي والله احنا الدراويش... نمنا وصحينا

    feel like a dervish

  4. Aimee Mann, Nice choice .. btw just so you guyz know, this song "Wise Up" was the song sung by the star Cast in Paul Thomas Anderson's "Magnolia". It's great.

  5. Ordinary People is one of my faves!

  6. idip
    تعرف المثل، عرفتك من قردك؟ هذا انا مع هالأغنية، لازم أسمعها على الأقل 5 مرات باليوم

    donzz... I'm still haunted by Magnolia and that scene is when "Wise Up" is sung is where I totally lost it, watching it alone in a movie theatre

    معقولة؟ ماجدة الرومي تصدر اغنية لا تصلح علاج للأرق؟؟ خلينا نشوف

  7. for those not boycotting danish, check out another local band Hush. dreamy accoustic gorgoues songs.
    and outlandish's fab new album. they really got the Hip Hop global sound right, and they're muslim :)

  8. who cares if they're muslim. it shouldn't matter.

  9. voice of reason..

    Normally it shouldn't matter but with all that's going on, it DOES matter that they're Danish Muslims because the world needs to see an alternative to the raging violent cry babies that populated the TV screens over the past few weeks

  10. it was meant to be a joke! for those boycotting danish goods at least they can reconsile themselves that this particular danish product is muslim.

  11. The list is back!!
    When did this happen?

    Duncan Sheik! ooh la la.. my college days' crush
    His latest isn't bad at all.. Been playing "Shopping" over and over again

    Allah!.. A Joss Stone's outdoors gig in barr Mishref sound like a good idea to me

  12. Shurouq... Joss Stone on the beach in front of Marina Hotel around sunset, with a light breeze

    One can only dream... sigh!


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