Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So Bad It's Good

Away from politics for a bit....

Do not miss the new, absolutely atrocious Centerpoint radio ad, that can be heard on SuperStation 99.7 for now and more stations later I assume.

The ad is unintentionally hilarious with its sudden change of rhythm from Kuwaiti to Latin, and its over-dramatic singing, like someone yearning for his lost love.

It's so bad it's goooood!


  1. :) Glad there is something funny out there, Zaydoun..

  2. Yeah it's been all doom and gloom, I'm looking for comic relief wherever I can find it

  3. LOL...I'll make sure I hear it

  4. So thrilled Zaydoun that you finally turned away from Politics.That's the beauty of your Blog.I wish you can have an access to all your Blog readers to download this song from your Blog.Lots of love...

  5. msabah... sorry to ruin you thrill, but it's only a temporary relief from politics. There is too much going on, and the future of our country is at stake and I can't ignore that. Those days are long gone.

    As for the song, are you sure you want to download it? It's really horrible!

  6. I'd like to download it. So what if it's horrible. Some of us can't even hear if they wanted to ;)

    We need a bit of a smile away from the intensity of politics. It'll help charge us up.

  7. Well if you know someone at Centerpoint or even SuperStation, ask them for a copy... I sure as hell ain't going out of my way for it

  8. Fine. Forget it :P
    I'll pretend to know how it goes, and I trust you that it sounds horrible. So I'll live through pretending, and will try to believe that I know.

    I sent you something that I hope would cheer you up anyway

  9. Or you can tune in to SuperStation in the morning and hear it.

    Wonders.Me... I didn't get anything

  10. امس آنا وشروق كنا نسمعها ومتنا من الضحك ... اهم شي لما يقول

    cantar boint

    يعني ما تعرف تقولها عدل لا تقولها

  11. hehe I just heard it on the radio this morning and did a double take to check if it was really 99.7 (not that I expect more of them) but it cracked me up!!! Then I read your post, I'm glad other people are sharing my humor in the embarrassing quality of Kuwait's media..SaaaantarBoint!! SaaaantarBoint!!

  12. Man I have to hear that. Unintentionally hilarious = funny as hell :D.

    I probably missed it because I almost never tune into 99.7 these days; I prefer more talk than music. But I will try to catch that one.

    Speaking about funny radio items, there is this fun (and sometimes hilarious) show from channel two (97.5) that runs at around 3:15 PM. You should listen to an episode, it can be silly-fun at times because the voice actors are AWESOME!!

    It's called "3azzabiyya", and it stars some really talented Kuwaiti voices doing a yemeni character, a 9a3aidi character, and an Iraqi character, as well as a myriad of other one-time characters that help move the stories.

    It's not brand new as I think I heard it near/after Ramadan or so, but if you're relaxed and want to hear something light-hearted then try it :). The yemeni character is very well done in my opinion :D.

  13. I stopped shopping at Centerpoint a while back, in protest against their decision to open shop right across the street from where Tiffany's, Godiva's' and Gucci's are in Salmiya.

    Talk about cheek by jowl retailing!

    This is one store I will never set my foot in; funny ad or no ad. Other than that I have no problems giving my custom to them in their other locations. But spare me Centerpoint Salmiya, phulease!

  14. Loool! No but honestly, Upstairs B. this is gobshite.
    I can understand your taking issue with shopping at a store operated by the Dubai based Indian mafia who are giving India made merchandise a very bad name indeed; but the reason you gave is absurdly absurd.
    Didn't someone tell you in business, it's all about location location location?
    That, and all is fair in business, that also.


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