Thursday, September 14, 2006

Playlist Sept 14 - 20

Slow week, and feeling a bit under the weather..
  1. Scott Matthews - Elusive: Played this nonstop all week. So beautiful
  2. Mika - Grace Kelly: An amazing new talent with an insanely catchy song reminiscent of 70's era Queen. And he's of Lebanese origin too. Check out his other song Relax, Take It Easy
  3. Cassie - Me & U: I didn't like this at first, thinking "yet another R&B bimbo".. but it grew on me.
  4. Outwork - Elektro: Another mindless club smash. Fact: The club in the video is part-owned by a Kuwaiti guy... and no I wasn't there!
  5. Webb Sisters - Daylight Crossing: Remember how good The Corrs were when they first started? Forget them now and listen to these lovely newcomers instead.
  6. Madonna - Jump: The best track from her last album, and I've included it only because she looks so damn good staring at us from all the H&M billboards around town.


  1. cassie me and u, is a typical r&b song, but it definately has a twist to it. the video is addictive, simple and all about her.. wonder when our cultures music videos will be 20% as good as that.. i dont think we have choreography in kuwait do we? just long haired big bossomed ladies swinging off key to music.. lovely..

  2. loved the song by Webb Sisters , you're right about them :)

  3. been into handel these days...

  4. madona's s0ng 7ilwa ..

    luv ur bl0g ;*

  5. She looks good only because she's been airbrushed to death.

  6. erzulie

    Of course she's been airbrushed, but did you ever expect to see Madonna on every traffic light around Kuwait?

  7. زيدون

    فاقدينك يا رجاّل
    من الخميس إلى اليوم الأحد

    رجع بو قتيبة بالسلامة
    توفي رمز وطني كبير هو جاسم الصقر
    انطفأت ابتسامة النجم فؤاد المهندس
    ولد عمك بو راكان كتب مقالة صاروخية هيبة الناس لا هيبة الشيوخ
    والجرايد مليانة أخبار ممكن تستفز أصابعك فتغرد على لوحة المفاتيح

    عسى ما شر منظول...إذا منظول نسوي لك صب رصاص

  8. شكراً ولادة على سؤالك

    مشاغل العمل وأكل العيش حالت دون كنابتي هاليومين

    انشاءالله الليلة راح أكون فاضي


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