Thursday, October 19, 2006

Playlist October 19 - 25

The playlist is back with a vengeance and to make up for the inexcusable absence, the list includes some videos and some recommended tracks off some the biggest recent releases.

Beyonce - Irreplaceable: This has to be a hit, or there's just no justice in this world

Another great track of Beyonce's new album is "Suga Mama", a blistering retro funk workout that has her snarling like a female James Brown. Ace!

Amy Winehouse - Rehab: Potty-mouthed Jewish girl from North London trades in the insults to come out like a 60's soul singer

Justin Timberlake - My Love: Skip the annoying first 2 minute intro and head to the actual song which is pretty good.

But a much better option off his latest album is Love Stoned, a terrific funky track that defies you to sit still, and like many tracks on the album it segues into a totally different version of the same song, in this case a beautiful guitar driven tune that wouldn't sound out of place on a Coldplay album. Also check out What Goes Around with its Mid-Eastern vibe.

Robbie Williams - Lovelight: A smooth and subtle pop number, with Mr. Williams looking healthier than usual. It's a cover version of a song by Lewis Taylor. Compare and tell me which version you like best

Moby featuring Debbie Harry - New York, New York: A hilarious video accompanies this fun anthem to my favorite city in the whole world, as sung by a native living legend.


  1. Long waited for list.. but since it has Amy Winehouse, you're forgiven :P

  2. Loved your live new Playlist style now!!


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