Friday, November 17, 2006

Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation, the movie adapted from the bestselling book opened in movie theatres in the States today. The book was a daring investigation into the multi-billion dollar American junk food industry and how it has altered eating habits forever and unleashed a worldwide epidemic of obesity.

Will we get to watch this bold movie here in Kuwaiti cinemas anytime soon, or will the "Fat & Cholesterol Lobby" in this country (you know who they are!) intervene to have it banned from our screens?

Yeah I know... wait for the DVD... blah blah blah!


  1. No we dont know who they are!

    the "fat" wansn't a polite attitude, i am "fat" yet highly against fast food!

    didn't know u were a stereo type/judgemental person!
    that's news :)

  2. Bo mbarak, take it easy man..

    Fat (n.) as in "oil, lipids", and not
    Fat (adj.) "Overweight."

  3. Thanks Perseus...

    Bo Mbarak... they are the powerful owners of every junk food outlet in town, several companies not just one

  4. Wow, had no idea they were making a movie. Read and wrote a paper on this book during my Ethics and International Politics class back in the day. Gave up junk food and soda after reading this book, as I'm sure you will too.

  5. you have to see
    super size me

    انا وحدة لما شفته
    بطلت جنك فووووود

  6. neelah

    This one is even worse than Supersize Me because it goes behind the scenes to show you what goes into that Big Mac.

    And it's disgusting!

  7. Zaydoun et al.

    Check out this amazing documentary winning awards all over film festivals called "Iraq in Fragments" that's simply a work of art. The cinematography is mind-blowing. Can't wait to see it.

    NPR's "Day to Day" story about it.

  8. Can't wait to see it.

    Do you think it will effect the Market for burgers?

    According to research the amount of burgers consumed is 40 billion!! would that change?? I doubt :/

  9. LOooOoLz..I saw it on ABC news...thu nite !!....check my blOgaaa :)

  10. no I don't know who they are..

    but you can always catch the first couple of days before they realize it =}

    besides, who wants to go see a movie in Kuwait, even if there are no hostility or sexual scenes they'd still cut due to time limit issues, it sucks

  11. Can't wait to see it, especially that I hate such restaurants

    بس ما اعتقد انهم بهالذكاء انهم يمنعونه .. أو يمكن ييبونه يومين وبعدين يستوعبون انه ممكن يضر أسواقهم الفاست فودية

  12. i think movies like this and super size me are more like a commercial to the fast food industry and i started to like mcdonalds even more !!!

  13. شباب .... البديل الغذائي متوفر

    كباب الحجة

    سندويشات بدر البدور

    شاورما الغدير

    مطعم شرف

  14. PerseusQ8, thanks for the info. I just saw the trailer, looks brilliant. I know it just got released. Any idea how we can get a hold of the film? or do I need to travel to Italy to see it this month? :)

  15. mozart...I have friends who saw Supersize Me in a cinema and immediately went for Big Macs after it was over. Somehow I think this one will be different. The book turned me off for life!

    Having said that, I confess I had 2 HOME-MADE cheese burgers for lunch yesterday. They were delicious!!

  16. just watched Fast Food Nation, it's an impactful flick to say the least... earlier today i passed up a sausage mcmuffin because of it.


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