Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Trader Vic's

Trader Vic's is well known around the world as a tourist trap specializing in luridly colored cocktails (the Mai Tai being its most famous), with tacky umbrellas and weirdly shaped glasses. The food is secondary... it's not bad, but it's also not the main reason people go there.

Now Trader Vic's is the latest entry in the never-ending race to import totally unsuitable franchises to Kuwait. What would be the point if they can't serve their signature cocktails?

And the press release... words fail me!


  1. I don't know what more shocking; that they are going to open in Kuwait, or that Trader Vic's actually sells food?

  2. I've enjoyed their food, especially the Crap cake, as well as their cocktails.

    They will definitely ruin it in Kuwait.

    ? kasik

  3. kasik

    I assume that's crab and not crap as in sh*t


  4. thats so funny.Just another mockery to make our lives here even sadder.Its not bad enough that any restaurant you go to has a fully stocked bar but that it consists of fizzy grapt juice and mocktails with actual names like bloody mary and pina colada. Now we we have actual bars coming to town but minus the alcohol.Whats next? Maybe we will have neighborhood bars with dim lighting and a smokey atmosphere and a couple of middle aged miserable waitresses serving nonalcoholic beer with clapton on in the background.
    OH wait....thats already happening in the billiards halls !

  5. Or the only branch will be located inside an American base or an embassy

  6. ahlein... they play Clapton in the billiards halls here?!

  7. Zaudoun,

    I think this ad reflects the consumer oriented society we live in, the need to spend and to be entertained through spending.

    Even when we aspire, we aspire to the buildings of Dubai, the drinks of Bahrain, Las Vegas Casions, London Shopping.

    Have we ever aspired to the cultural class of Louvre, the investigative media of the US, the political stability of the UK, the high end entertainment of Broadway and the West End.

    Corporate Kuwait is just feeding on people empty lives.

    Not Related: don't you think Jim Webb op-ed can partialy be applied to Kuwait

  8. LOOOOL ? Sorry for the typo; I definitely meant crab, but I am afraid that in Kuwait they will be serving crap ;)

    ? & kasik

  9. و اللي أول مرة يسمع عنه؟

  10. Ohh NOOO! Please say it ain't so.

    Funny about "Mr. Hans" though, showing off about their secret mix for Mai Tais.

    I bet he was downing them on the plane, and forgot where he was signing the contract for!

  11. مطقوق... ما طافك شي

    q8maverick.. Have we aspired? Of course not, those things are 7aram. And when everything is 7aram the people have nothing to do except shopping and eating

  12. i've never been to traders vic's but when i saw the ad. I thought what's the point cuz i too heard the food wasnt good.

  13. a3sab

    If food quality was the only factor for success, we wouldn't have places like TGI Fridays

    الله يزيد النعمة

  14. zaydoun,
    Drinks and Casinos? yes they are diffenitly 7aram, unless you think otherwise? and I think government should represent the will of the people, and I'm sure even if you had a referundum about allowing those things around Alcoholics will vote it down, based on society ethics if not religious ground.

    Again, why do we liberals, think of liberalism as just having those things around?

    Will those things fix our education system? improve our health system? make our work force more productive? reduce drugs circulation? lower the divorce rate?

    Zaydoun, When you will post a new playlist?

  15. Ohh they are great...but dont think they'll succeed here..

  16. This place will not do well for many reasons. #1 lack of alcohol #2 Expensive relative to the market.#3 No bands allowed to dance, since its a salsa / cuban band. #4 The lack of good locations, means it will be stuck in a mall where the target market will be dilluted.

    Just another franchise. Don't we have enough?!

  17. The food at Trader Vic's is not that great...

    Ticka Puka Puka or Scropio ?

    I really dont Know what the hell these ppl are thinking

  18. زيدون... شوف مقال الإرهابي محمد المليفي في جريدة السياسة علي هاللنك

  19. its also known as the no1 pick up joint in Dubai (Crown Plaza Hotel) ;)

  20. they'll simply sell over priced non alcoholic drinks. and will be the mwa3ad/tifilsif place for the coming year or two


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