Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - R.I.P.

1958 - 2009


  1. heaven can wait
    حزين جداً :(

  2. An unfinished story.. So sad.

  3. yeah it is sad ...
    but that was his day ... c'est la vie ...
    he is missed greatly, but he's never gone really ... he will always be alive in his loved ones hearts ...
    God have mercy on all our souls ...

  4. I wish that more people really saw who he really was, the person, not the persona ... not the hair & make up .. even not the music & dance... (who cares about those things when you know you're facing God??). He was soooo much more than that but few people really know the true man behind the mask of fame ...

    That's why it feels sad; to lose someone with a heart & soul of his ... & someone with that great potential of being even more a better heart & soul...

    I really hope he went there with the right ending ... hope he rest in peace ...

  5. خبر يضيق الخلق

    راح أظل طول عمري أحبه

  6. الله يرحمه

    من غير لونه اول التسعينات و هو مو مترقع

  7. An iconic figure especially for generation xers out there.. we grew up watching and admiring him. It was sad how his fame deteriorated with the scandals. His art and the legend he was will stay in peoples mind.

  8. Daughter of Arabia
    اليوم خالي متصل فيني وانا بكندا بروحي يكول لي عظم الله اجرج خرعتي خفت مادري شصاير منو مات؟!! جان يكول لي بعدين مايكل جاكسن مات بغيت اكسر الموبايل اخترعت هههههههههههههههههه
    المهم عجبتني المدونه يعطيك العافيه زيدون

  9. R.I.P - M.J


  10. مشكوور
    ومدونتك واايد حلوة واهنيك على مقالاتك

  11. وهم تره ما مات !


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