Saturday, October 30, 2004

Faith Through Fright

Look everbody! It's not just us!!

Just in time for Halloween tomorrow, it seems Christian Fundamentalists have also been using fear and loathing to get wayward lapsed Christians back onto the path of salvation, by scaring the "bejeezus" out of them!

Check out their Haunted Mansion, where "pilgrims" go to have their wits scared out of them and learn what happens to them after they die, just like the عذاب القبر lectures we have here, only they don't teach this stuff to kids in school and they actually charge admission to get in.

People actually pay for this stuff!


  1. The "bloodied Jesus" struck a chord. I think I remember this from last year. They were trying to scare kids away from homosexuality and not having premarital sex or maybe it was a different one. Anyways it doesn't sound so much scary as much as just plain depressing.
    The flash intro to the "Haunted Mansion's" website was cute :P $7 Dollars is pretty decent, even if you weren't willing to pay.

    A few athiests that I've talked to believe that Judaism came first, so in order for Christianity to get more followers (converted Jews as well), they made up a scary hell. Islam came last so our "hell" sounds the scariest of all (in order for more people to convert to our religion).

    Don't you wish we had our own "Haunted Mansion" in Kuwait?

  2. Actually there are two viewpoints regarding life after death in Judaism. The first one was that simply, there was nothing after death. The other one is Sheol, the place of the dead, or the underworld. Sheol is not to be confused with the later concept of Hell as a place of punishment, but was simply the place where all the dead were supposed to go.

    The thoughts of Hell and Heaven were first officially used by the Christians and then later the Muslims. Some scholars believed this idea came originated from the other empires during that era (greek/roman/persian .. ).

  3. Um... NO I DON'T!! Kids can already go to get scared into being good Muslims at بيادر السلام or جمعية الاصلاح or any government school with unchecked zealous teachers, and there are so many!!

  4. As a Kuwaiti youth, I was quite terrified of our bearded parliament members.

  5. bearded MPs...yeah i always wanted to shave them against their will, or curse them with lice in their crotch and have arms too short to scratch themselves.

    Zaydoun: hounted houses are fun. plus if you go to the haunted house and then take your little cousins trick-or-treating if makes it even more fun. plus what is Halloween without a little fright? ;P

  6. TheKuwaiti, as a Kuwaiti adult I am still terrified of them

    Actually I take that back, they just piss me off!

  7. TheKuwaiti -

    I apologize for not being clear(er) about what I meant.

    Back then, People were into Judaism right? Then Christianity came along. To get (Jewish) people to convert to Christianity, the Christians stressed the "Hell" part. People became scared and converted to Christianity, meaning it worked. Then came Islam. Islam had to compete with Judaism AND Christianity for it's followers so they came up with the scariest hell of all.

    Zaydoun - Which is it, do they scare you or piss you off? As for the "Haunted House" thing, yeah it'll be scary but at least it'll be a FUN way to get scared as opposed to being brainwashed by zealouts at school everyday. I hope you're using the term "kids" very loosely as in ; teenagers are kids.

  8. *cracks up at image provided by mishu84!*

    Gigi, merrily

  9. Actually, the early Christian church did not stress the concept of hell in order to convert Jews, but the pagans of Rome. In fact, the Christian concept of hell is borrowed straight from Greco-Roman traditions. Christians made hell more fiery because the waning days of the Roman Empire saw such an immense increase in licentious behaviour.


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