Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Blogroll Edit

You'll notice that the Blogroll (list of blogs that I like) on the right has shrunk considerably. I took off the blogs I haven't followed in a while and a few that are no longer relevant or functioning.

Before some of you - you know who you are - jump on my case, I will add a few new blogs mostly from Kuwait very very soon.


  1. Instead of deleting the 'inactive' blogs, how about placing them in another section?

    I found some of the 'dead' old blogs extremely sweeeeeet (can't think of any examples now but I am sure you know what I mean), and if I haven't checked them out a week ago I wouldn't have known that they existed ever, which would be a shame. They've stopped blogging but it would be nice to enable people to check them out.

    So, why not add an 'inactive blogs that i like' section or something of the sort? ;)

    Hope this is not too late *rolls eyes* :D

  2. It is too late I'm afraid. I wish I'd thought of that... :-(


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