Thursday, December 23, 2004

My Secret Santa

Woke up late, went down to the kitchen... and what do I find?
A huge box full of goodies with everything a sweet-toothed hog like me could dream of:

And as if all that wasn't enough...

  • Special collector's edition US News & World Report supplement about The Da Vinci Code
  • Stress-buster guide for work
  • A beautiful flower arrangement
  • A battery-operated pizza chef

I was stunned and speechless! If you've been following for the past few weeks, you'll know that all this is a gift from NYCHICK, fresh from New York City.

I don't know what to say except




  1. You lucky dude!
    At least pass us one of those fancy chocolate bars you got (the darker, the better)

  2. NYChick You are an awesome friends have been asking me for years to send them some Krispy Kreme and I never did...hahahahaha.
    Zaydoun enjoy every one of those doughnuts.
    That's the x-mass spirt :)

  3. just started reading The Da Vinci Code

  4. Looks like you've been a very good boy this year Zaydoun ;) Take care you don't overindulge so that you maintain your six-pack now! (3alaik bel 3afia)
    And NYchick - you are the spirit of Xmas giving and the embodiment of Santa Claus . He is lucky to have a friend like you :)

  5. Folks... when I said Secret Santa, I really meant it.


  6. Did I mention she also sent a box of doughnuts and a NYC mug for Q. ??

    لازم أحط اعلان شكر في الجرايد

  7. I have to get into her good books , I've been trying to contact you for ages Zaydoun, read my comment in your post about the 'rumours' album...oh and I'm right across the border from you... closer home ;) you sure you don't wanna say hi have a 6pack ? cool I think I have a crush on you ( what does Abu hafs think ..pls help)and thats just from reading you ..what happens if I see you loooooool

  8. I concur! NYchick kicks major ass! I cant thank her enough! I will dedicate a post to her kindness soon! Thank you so much NYchick, and thanks zaydoun for not actually telling me as soon as u got the stuff that some of it was for me....Im not so sure I wouldve done the same with Krispy Kremes ;P

  9. OH MY GOD! zaydoun
    lol انت ليش فضيحة؟
    Yes and it's true people, I don't know him personally.
    Q, u r most welcome dear, my best wishes to u and yours.

  10. بالعكس... لازم اشكرك جدام الناس
    And your timing was perfect too. I took the cakes and doughnuts to my weekly lunch at my grandmother's house. It's all gone!! Of course I had to endure the Q&A from my aunts, uncles and cousins as to who/what/where/why... but they all thank you!!

    I don't have a six-pack - I wish I did - but I'm in reasonably good shape. Those doughnuts will require extra time at the gym next week :-(

  11. Zaydoun, you should get a six pack very easily.. LOLOL

    Unlike me, bad genes.. and shortage of cash

  12. magnolia cupcakes !!!
    its been more than two months since the last time i went there ... you remind me dude again , so im going now to it , its just 10 minutes by subway

    any thing from there guys ??

  13. this calls for a short trip to harrods...KK doughnuts are the best when freshly served :p

  14. lol ive never tasted those doughnuts :( hope they r nice, good luck at the gym, love ur blog im an AVID reader lol ma3asalam

  15. bahrainia... i love standing in line at Harrods waiting for the doughnuts to roll out of the oven. Since I only get one classic glazed, it's usually on the house! FREE DOUGHNUTS! Funny thing is I don't even like other doughnuts. Just KK!

    الا نبيذي
    You're in NYC too? Next time I'm there, you and me and NYchick are going out!

  16. Zaydoun
    3leahom bel3fyah
    and they are most welcome.
    لكل الذين تركوا كلمات طيبة في حقي هنا أقول شكرا لكم

  17. طيب اعزمنا يا أخي........
    و إن كان صعب عليك عزيمتنا........عرفنا على سانتا كلوز ..يمكن تجينا هدية غير شكل مثلك.
    ألف صحة و هنا أبو الزووووووز. مطرح ما يسري يمري.

  18. Daloo3a:خو انتي ما تحتاجين عزيمه الخير واصلك

    Zaydoun:مطرح ما يسري يمري

  19. Dear Zaydon,

    I would like to inform you & my good readers that the Etisalat Company in my the land of sand (U.A.E.) (which takes the law by its hand and appoint itself as the guardian of Islamic divine rights in the 21st century) has BLOCKED ME!
    NO Problem.
    I shall return! Soon

    Best and Thanks
    Ben Kerishan


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