Saturday, December 25, 2004

Wet Christmas

How disappointing to wake up to this gloomy weather on Christmas Day :"-(

So here's the perfect anti-Christmas song, Christmas Is Interesting by moonlighting software designer Jonathan Coulton.


  1. Zaydoun
    For me the weather is perfect. I say more rain and louder claps of thunder. The perfect weather for romance. You should be thinking Neil Sedaka's Laughter in the Rain instead to put you in the mood! :p

  2. Well what do you want, snow ?

  3. امس مريوم احرجتنى "بنتى الصغيره"
    سالتنى "يبا ليش عيد المسيحيين اونس:)؟
    كل مكان زينه و هدايا
    و من امس و انا اسال نفسى ليش اعيادنا ما تصير مثلهم؟
    ما تلاحظ اخوى زيدون ان كل مناسباتنا متشابه؟
    العزا نفس الزواج نفس العيد؟
    دائما ثنين او ثلاثه واقفين و صف من البشر ينتظر يسلم عليهم و بعدين وجبه و خلاص

    تحياتى لكم و ميرى كرسمس

  4. I'm off to a Christmas dinner at an American friend's house :) and yes Bou Maryom, it is more fun than our Eids :(

    Merry Christmas everybody! :))

  5. Well the sun is out now, so I'm much better... and yes Purg, snow would've been nicer!

  6. ok, then next year book your vacation around this time and you will get snow somewhere in the world.

  7. December is not optimal ski season

  8. you wanted snow, now you want to ski. One thing at a time.

  9. Bo maryoum,

    Laish e7na sa3at en9eer self-loathing?!

  10. جاشنمال
    سؤالك فى محله
    يمكن المجتمع اللى وضعلنا قيود على اللى لازم نحبه و اللى لازم نكرهه
    او خوفنا من التعبير بحريه عن اشياء ندرى انها صح و لكن المجتمع يرفضها
    بس انا احاول ان اخلى مريوم open minded
    و متقبله لكل الافكار


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