Monday, January 10, 2005


I couldn't find this online... but in today's Al-Qabas, page 5, (and in other papers I assume) there is a paid press release by famed Kuwaiti astronomist (فلكي) and local legend Dr. Saleh Al-3jairi (الدكتور صالح العجيري) in which he warns against a global catastrophe that could fall on the planet around the year 2024, on a scale that makes the recent Tsunami disaster seem like a picnic!!

Among the highlights:
  1. Water will become such a scarce resource that World War 3 will break out over territorial water sources.
  2. Nuclear weapons will be used in this war, destroying the Earth and plunging all of civilization into a long and harsh nuclear winter.
  3. Humans will freeze to the point of having to amputate their fingers.
  4. Without their fingers, humans will not be able to sustain or protect themselves .
  5. Defenseless humans, having lost their fingers, will be attacked and eaten by wolves(!)
  6. A few years later, the nuclear dust will fade away and the sun will shine again.
  7. Life returns to the planet and the few surviving humans will recall the nightmare years of the nuclear winter.

I have always had the utmost respect for Dr. Al-3jairi, and always felt that he is unjustly ignored with his annual Ramadan predictions... so I find this press release rather... um.... puzzling.

STOP PRESS: I just realized that Q had this subject on his blog yesterday.. so move along, please :-)


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  2. اكرر نفس التعليق :)
    العجيرى الظاهر ترك الفلك و صار كتات فال:)

    هل هناك اسلوب علمى او نظريه تدعم تنبؤاته؟

    فى الستينات الكل كان يقول ان السيارات سنة 2000 بتطير
    و الحين 2005 و ثلاث ارباع السيارات حتى ايرباج مافيها

    على فكره العجيرى معروف ان صاحب نكته
    قابلته مره فى احد المحلات و لما خلص و قبل لا يطلع قال لصاحب المحل الله لايوفقك!
    ف صاحب المحل انبهر:)

    و قبل لا يقول شى قاله العجيرى الا بعمل الخير

  3. Oh Mr.Zz, i was waiting for you to talk about this subject min 2 day :)

    معاه حق البغلي،، لكن الي قاله الدكتور العجيري كلام مذكور في أكثر من كتاب من قبل 30 سنه (راح احاول اتذكر اسم الكتب) تقول الكتب ان بعد 50 سنه راح يسير نقص بالماء الصالح للشرب و سيموت البشر عطاشا.

    و كذلك يقول الكتاب سوف يحدث زلزال يهز احد القارات و اخر يفصل الامريكتين و كاليفورنيا و زلزال اخر يدمر بلاد الشام و اليونان و منها تبدا نشوب الحروب على الارض

    و على قناة الديسكفري كانو امسوين دراسه ان في غصون ال 30 السنه القادمه راح يسير نقص في منسوب المياه الصالحه للشرب على الارض على الرغم من زياده الامطار في اوروبا

    يعني لو نجمع كل هالاشياء مع بعض !!!
    i believe is make sence,Don't you think?


  5. @@...
    ما كنت أقصد العجيري الله يهداك.. كنت أقصد اللي هاجموا عبداللطيف الدعيج يوم السبت

  6. what is this, April 1st in Kuwait all of a sudden?

  7. Il 3jairi 7abeeb .. weld 7alal

    Yimkin khannah itta3beer .. eh!

    O ba3dain isa7afa yimkin golibaw ib kalamah ..

  8. With all due respect, he's getting senile.

  9. zaydoun bil zaytooon ... '6aya3tney !!! shako bo rashed !!!

  10. ee weee qasdik 3an maqalat al ba'3ley :) sa7 ...... 3ady 3ady mokhy sar bil fashooosh hathy side effects al finals :)

  11. Actually he didn't pull the stuff out of his behind on this one, he must have read the Pentagon report published last year which says pretty much the same thing..although the bit about the fingers may be a flourish..i am sure some humans would be able to save their limbs..That report is why we need to rethink the way we waste water, and what we do to pollute the planet..
    For the report see,6903,1153513,00.html


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