Monday, February 28, 2005

Back from Dubai

Hey everybody.... لقد عدنا والعود أحمد

I had a great time in Dubai, and I'll tell you more about it later.... يبيلها قعدة



  1. Welcome Back Zaydoun,
    My spies followed you into pier chic, ambiance-to die for..Dont you think?

    Love. B.

  2. Al7emdilla 3al salama, Z :)

    And "yabeelha ga3da"?? I'm in suspense! :D

    Gigi, impatiently

  3. حمد الله على السلامه..
    بس يقولون زحمه؟

    أهم شى انك غيرت جو

  4. حمدالله على السلامه..والله تمنيتك معانا يوم السبت..

  5. You missed the carnivale...topless women dancing in the streets....Champagne bottles instead of foam cans this year....A7mad baqer doing break dancing in Gulf Road ( he did a spin on the street while balancing on his face )....Every restaurant on Gulf road stopped serving junk and switched to gourmet food...I'm telling you snail shells were all over the place....And the Govt being considerate as always ...they let the church ring its bells...while the mosques switched from Athaan to Sanaa al kharraz....and while we were all busy dancing and drinking in the streets...Our ruler gave a public speech ...and what a speech it was...he gave full power to the people and in 90 days we will be able to choose whoever we want as a prime minister...Everybody can vote even children and homosexuals....and at the same time he announced a new law seperating every form of religion from the state...and he appointed a woman minister to implement this law....The UN after getting this news....passed a resolution calling Kuwait the MOST DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND...and they replaced the UN flag with our flag...Kofi Annan is wearing ghetra now and besht...The Govt of Sweden has officially requested the help of Kuwait in improving its human rights record....The Govt of Kuwait refused because the swedes are too blonde...It was the first official Joke from one country to another....both countries laughed...Abdel 7sain abdel retha deleiverd the official joke to the prime minister of Sweden.

  6. Waterlillie... you're scaring me!!

    But I think I know who you are.. Were you there? Did I smile hello to your mother when I walked by on the way to the pier?

  7. Bo Jaij.. I always miss the momentous occasions when I go away ;-P

    بو مريوم... لا زحمة ولا شي

  8. حمدا لزيدون على سلامته.. وحمدا لك على سلامة زيدون

    اذن.. فقد طاب لك المقام هناك يا رجل

    الحقيقة يسرني رؤيتك منشرحا هكذا وقد ترصع محياك بابتسامة جميلة تشبه موسم القطاف في لاس فيغاس

    هل تصدق زيدون انني عندما قرأت (يبيلها قعدة) للمرأة الأولى قلت في نفسي.. ما يمديه توه راد.. ثم استدركت ان هذا يخص فقط الاستاندر الشيطاني الخاص بي

    مرة أخرى.. سعيد لعودتك

  9. Welcome Back Zaydoun :)Nawart el blogosphere

  10. عزيزي أبا الحكم... وأنا أسعد بعودتك بيننا بعد طول الغياب

    Jewaira... منورة بأهلها

  11. 7amdilla 3ala ilsalamaaa Zaydoun! Hope u had a blast! :)

    BoJaij! LOOOOOOOOOL!! Alla ikhissik u made me laugh out loud at work everyone was giving me looks, especially my boss, im supposed to be working dammit!! LOOOOOL!! Comment of the day!

  12. Warner Bros..

    Be careful of the Post Dubai syndrome, it?s a killer.. :(

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  14. الحمدالله عالسلامه زيدون .... اشتقنالك

  15. Z
    we missed u man.
    welcome back.

    You missed alot, NOT.

  16. hmmm ... my sis has just been there ..have u met her ?? lolz ..
    anyways .. el7emdillah 3alsalama howdy ho ;)

    and bo jaij .. hey man ... it ain't thaaaaat baaaad .. we had fun here too .. at least we were able to share foams.. who ever gets such liberty ? huh ?? not even the american dudes .. looolz

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  18. DyingOut

    Some of Gods creatures mate by spraying foam like substance which mix during the

    frogs and toads

  19. pretty interesting bo jaij .. pardon my shallowness :P


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