Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Taking a Break

I still don't have any official vacation days, since I'm still relatively new at my job.. so I'm taking full advantage of this extra-long weekend to go away, and this time I'm going to Dubai in a few hours.. A New Yorker friend of mine is in Miami this weekend, which made me wonder if maybe Dubai is our region's answer to Miami? A winter destination, unbearably humid in summer, lots of fun in the sun, great restaurants and resorts and a hopping nightlife. Hmmm.....

I'm taking the laptop this time, so maybe I'll post something from there.... Or not.... Depends how the weekend goes.

Have a good long weekend and try to behave, or at least avoid the assholes with the stupid foam spray!!

Here's something to ponder... when did foam spray cans have their debut as a means to celebrate National Day? What message are we sending to the world, and to each other, by celebrating it this way?

I'm outta here!!


  1. Have a safe trip and have fun :)

  2. بالسلامه و
    have fun

  3. Have a nice trip Zaydoun. As for your question about the spray foam, I recall them being used for non-National day pranks oh, about 3-decades ago when we use to bring them from Lebanon, and all cans would be depleted by the third day of school, MAX!

    As for when it became a "National Day" pastime, I?d say early 1990s after the inception of the "Liberation Day" holiday. As for the message our youth are attempting to convey,
    probably: "Yeppie, me no brain, me like play with white fluffy stuff!" :-)

  4. "Me like INHALE white fluffy stuff" seems more appropriate for these morons!!

  5. Zaydoun
    Have a great break and forget about the foam :)


    oh and sometimes there squirt guns are not filled with water you can guess what i mean

    oh and sometimes tehre squirt guns are not filled with water but something else (you could figure it out by urself)

  9. سيد زيدون

    لماذا لا تدعوا صديقك الكافر إلى الدخول في الإسلام و بذلك تكون قد أثقلت ميزان حسناتك و انتشلت صديقك من الظلام إلى النور

  10. you go you come in safety :)

  11. Bon Voyage .. Enjoy Your Time ..

  12. Have a safe trip Z
    As of the message I think it?s the AKK syndrome (Ana Kuwaiti Kaifi)
    on a supposedly freedom day;

  13. :)تروح و ترد بالسلامه يالغالي

  14. Dear Zaydoun,

    Next time you go to Dubai,let me know!! am still out of the country. Have fun,you missed the festival time,but a lot of fun still awaits you

  15. "What message are we sending to the world, and to each other, by celebrating it this way?"

    We are sending the message that we're not pyromaniacs (:P) who celebrate with sparklers, or shameless hedonists who celebrate by handing out tacky bead necklaces and exposing breasts*. Oh, and that we're squeaky clean people who enjoy being drenched in soapy foam while touting the national flag :P

    How are you celebrating National Day and what does that say about You? ;P

    No- seriously, don't read too much into it, Z. Sometimes frolicsome hijinks can be just that :P

    Gigi, simply

    P.S. Il-mohim hope you had fun and return home safely :)

    *I know this isn't necessarily a "nationally" themed celebration, but a form of celebration that is practiced nevertheless. :P

  16. hey, so here i am with a new name zied instead of Zaydoun and my commenting problem is fixed...have a safe trip

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