Thursday, September 15, 2005

Playlist Sept 15 - 21

The playlist is back after a summer break, and to make up for the long absence this will be a Bumper Edition. There's a lot of good stuff out there that you may have heard quite a lot already, most of them have a summer feel to them.. which is alright since summer is far from over in Kuwait. And Shurouq already beat me with Green Day.
  1. Jamoriquai - 7 Days in Sunny June: Back in top form, Jamiroquai's best single in years could be heard all over London, day and night. My favorite song of this summer and an instant classic.
  2. خذني معك - مروان خوري: The genius Lebanese composer returns with another beautiful song. The man can do no wrong!
  3. Supafly vs. Fishbowl - Lets Get Down: A Marley-sounding vocal gives this simple dance hit an extra dose of "beach".
  4. Jem - Wish I: Ridiculously catchy summer pop, with steel drums too!
  5. Death Cab For Cutie - Summer Skin: Don't let the band name put you off. This is a truly beautiful "end of summer" song.
  6. Longview - Further: My taste for epic British pop/rock ballads with soaring choruses shows no sign of diminishing.
  7. A Studio - SOS (Skylark Club Mix): A mindless, monster club hit. Only sounds good on a massive speaker system.
  8. ورقو الأصفر - فيروز : A perfect September song, ورقو الأصفر.... شهر أيلول تحت الشبابيك

It's been a while since I awarded a song the "Dishonorable Mention" prize for being so downright awful and offensive to human ears. Ricky Martin's latest song called "I Don't Care" is the unfortunate winner this time round. Apparently he "doesn't care" that it's the worst thing anyone has sung in years!

Two classic picks this week: Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" is an obvious choice and a great R&B classic. And in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, this week's classic rock pick can only be Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks", which could either be perfectly suited for the occasion or highly inappropriate.


  1. Don't you think Fairouz' song should be "A'7er eyaam el sayfia"?

  2. I just realized that I cannot annoy you anymore! damn it!

  3. tata.. I was saving that one for the last weekend of Sept!

    Purg.. is this because we now know each other, or because the playlist is flawless (and you know it!)? ;-P

  4. umm, hmm, I think.. hmm.. damn it!!

  5. I love seeing purg like this

    LOL This is fun.

    Zaydoun, Whatever you're doing ... just keep on doinf it. :D

  6. Hahaha I'm with Tata

    It's about time YOU repent, Purg

    "Wish I"?? Really? :)

    Longview's further is good
    I also liked their "still".. But the whole album is quite repetitive.

    Jamiroquai Rules!

  7. Shurouq... For some reason, I'm already bored with "Wish I"; the novelty must have worn off..

    I'll be more careful next time ;-)

  8. Tata and shurouq, you be quiet.

  9. "September" is vintage and Zeppelin; oh yeaahhh!

  10. Mr.Zaydoun :)
    Superb list as usual. I smiled to see Further on the list..remember you once asked about the song that I so enjoyed listening to as I drove to work?


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